October 31, 2014

Salon Brand Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Hair Products

Whenever I get my hair cut at J Salon, they always entice me with hair products they sell. Salon brands can be a little pricey compared to what you see at the drugstores but sometimes can be worth it for the quality. I've written about high-end hair products so here is an update on a few  new products I've been using over the past several months.

As a background on my hair type, I have normal thickness with a slight wave and there's lot of it. I've never colored my hair or used any chemicals on it but I do use a lot of heat with my blow dryer and curling irons.

I have a couple of shampoos and conditioners that are a little bit on the rich side and was looking for something that was lighter, more of a basic cleanse and condition. I bought Bain Cristal Shampoo - Long Hair by Kerastase, a silicone, paraben and colorant free shampoo. It's specifically for long, thick hair but they do have one for fine hair as well. It's supposed to purify the roots, rebalance hair fibers and leave the ends smooth and polished, all while not weighing them down. It has a clear, lightweight texture to it but still lathers well.

Lait Cristal, the matching conditioner, is also supposed to purify the roots, rebalance hair fibers and leave the ends smooth and polished. It softens and detangles the hair to improve the hair's natural shine, keeping it light and airy. This is also a nice, weightless texture that doesn't make my hair feel greasy after I wash it off. These are quite a lot to spend on shampoo and conditioner but I only use it when my hair isn't loaded with products/clean hair for a basic wash.

For styling my hair I bought Forme Fatale, also by Kerastase. It's a blow-dry gel that gives all-over body and hold and is alcohol free, with UV and heat protection. To use, I rub a quarter size amount of product in my hands, raking it through my damp hair with my fingers starting mid-length, down to the ends. Whatever is left on my hands, I apply it to the roots. Even though it's a gel, it's not too thick, is easy to work with and isn't heavy on my hair or weigh it down. After I dry it with a blow dryer, my hair feels fuller, has a bit of hold but still flexible and with no stickiness, stiffness or crunchy feeling. You can even apply a tiny bit on dry hair to control frizz and flyaways. I usually wear my hair curly/wavy and so this a great product to use, paired with Kenra Hot Spray 20. It has a nice fruity smell that makes it enjoyable to use and has specks of shimmer that adds shine to your hair.

To finish off my style, I was recommended Cotton Uzu, a defining flexible cream by Shu Uemura - Art of Hair line. It's a whipped-cream wax made of cotton fibers derived from fruit of a delicate flower, for light hold and shine on curly or wavy hair. You only need a tiny amount, just a dab of it with your fingers. I rub the product in my hands and use a scrunching motion to apply. If you smooth it or rake it through your hair, it will lose the definition of the curls. Whatever is left on my hands, I lightly smooth it on the front pieces and tops of my hair. I like that it defines each curl but still makes my hair touchable. It doesn't leave a greasy texture to my hair or weigh it down. This was my first time trying Shu Uemura's hair products but will be interested in trying more.

Like I've stated before, I think high-end products can be worth it, especially for styling products. You can save on shampoo and conditioners since that is used more frequently but it takes the right styling products to achieve the look you want.

 Glamour Girl

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