September 10, 2014

M.A.C Retro Matte Collection

M.A.C Retro Matte Collection was released back in Fall of 2013, consisting new formula of Lipsticks called Retro Matte, plus a whole color range of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils. The colors that were limited edition I bought when the collection came out but the permanent ones were bought later, hence this being a late post.

Retro Matte lipsticks are the best formulas if you want the long lasting staying power and opaque pigmentation. They can be a bit dry on the lips but a few swipes of lip balm or a lip primer will help give them some slip. The two shades I bought were:
  • Runway Hit: Limited edition; medium peachy-coral. I have a few coral-peachy lipglosses and lipsticks and but not one in a completely matte finish which I think gives it a more sophisticated look. 
  • All Fired Up: Permanent; medium bright fuchsia-red. I loved this color when I saw swatches online. It's the perfect hybrid of fuchsia and red mixed together and a great alternative to a classic red lip.
Below are makeup looks of me wearing Runway Hit and All Fired up:

The Pro Longwear Lip Pencils were previously launched in the Styledriven Collection which I skipped out on because they were permanent products so I could always purchase them later. These pencils are meant to extend the wear between reapplication and is also transfer-resistant. It has a slightly dryer texture than traditional lip pencils but I  think that's what keeps it long lasting. Once it's on lips, it stays on even through eating and drinking, with minimal fading. So far I've bought a mix of neutral, deep tones and bright colors but will definitely add more to my kit.
  • Nice 'n' Spicy: Permanent; matte peachy-brown. Works well with nudes, neutrals and peachy colors.

  • Staunchly Stylish: Permanent; matte pink-y brown. Works well with nudes, neutrals, beige and pinks.

  • Morning Coffee: Permanent; matte rose-y brown. Works well with beige, browns and rose colors.

  • Absolutely It: Permanent; medium burgundy-plum with a pearly sheen. Works well with plums, berries and burgundy colors.

  • Dynamo: Permanent; matte bright warm pink. Works well with corals and warm pinks.

  • Fashion Boost: Limited edition; matte magenta-purple. Works well with fuchsia, magenta and purples.

I think theses lipsticks and lip pencils are great staples for everyone to have, especially if you're one to not liking to touch-up your lip colors a lot. I've been reaching the pencils more than the regular lip pencils not just for myself but on clients as well, to ensure all day wear.

 Glamour Girl

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