September 18, 2014

Giorgio Armani Friends & Family 20% Sale

During one of Giorgio Armani Beauty Friends & Family sales, it was the perfect time to buy a few of their products that had been on my wishlist. I even got a little treat with my order!

  • #6 Light Rose Sheer Blush: I'm a fan of GA's Sheer Blushes, already owning #10 and #5. #6 is a soft, warm berry-rose with a satin-shimmer finish. It's a great shade for Fall/Winter when you want a rosier flush to your cheeks. I love these blushes because the sheer opacity is perfect if you're heavy handed when doing your makeup, but at the same time you can build up the color. The smooth, silky textures make them wearable and easy to apply.
  • #400 The Red Lip Maestro: I'd say one of GA's best creations are they're lip products. Their colors and formulas are of top quality and the Lip Maestros are no different. The gel formulated lip lacquers have a velvet texture with a matte finish. Matte isn't exactly what I would describe it, it's more of a creamy, liquid lipstick finish. It's not super glossy but there is a dewy sheen to it when you first apply it. If you blot of the excess product on your lips, it does leave a nice matte stain. #400 is vibrant, opaque, true red, that's neither too warm or too cool. The long sponge applicator makes it easy to apply, especially around the cupid's bow and corners. Lip liner isn't necessary but I always like to use one to prevent any lipstick or gloss from feathering and bleeding. I love the consistency, it's creamy and non-drying on my lips. The only downside to them is that this is not a product I would wear when I'm eating because it will probably get all over my face. Still, this will be one of my favorite go-to reds to wear for a total glam look. 
  • #104 Skin Rouge Ecstasy: Another new lip product from GA is the Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks. These "Color & Care", or "CC" lipsticks, combine the comfort of a lip balm and saturated color. #104 is a light, mauve-toned pink-y nude. It has enough pink in it to wear a natural look but is light enough to pair it with a dramatic eye makeup look. Compared to their Rouge d'Armani lipsticks which I love, these do have more of a balmy texture, with a little bit more sheen. They kind of remind me of M.A.C Cremesheen formula lipsticks. This is the type of formula I would recommend if you're looking for a creamy, hydrating lipstick with good color payoff.
  • #400 Four Hundred Rouge Ecstasy: As a special gift with my order, I received mini Rouge Ecstasy in the shade #400. It's a beautiful vibrant red just like the Lip Maestro I bought. You can see the size comparison in the photo on the bottom right, which is a perfect size to tote in your purse at all times if you need color on your lips.

 Glamour Girl

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