August 21, 2014

House of Lashes: Iconic, Heartbreaker, Darling and Precious

House of Lashes became my favorite brand for false lashes after discovering them last year. The variety of designs and quality for the price is reasonable, especially if you wear them as often as I do. They recently created some new designs to review which I bought during one of their sales they post on Instagram.

Iconic has a tapered, V-cut criss-cross pattern and is a level 4 on their density scale. I bought 3-pack  of these because I knew I would love them for a natural eye look. It has enough length and fullness that's perfect for the daytime or if I'm doing a simple eye look and I don't want to overpower it with dramatic lashes. This is part of the Premium Luxe Collection so although it's a little bit pricier, I think it's worth it for the 100% cruelty-free synthetic quality that lasts for a long time.

Here's a look I did wearing Iconic:

Heartbreaker has short hairs with long random pieces in between and is also a level 4. I haven't worn them yet but it's supposed to give a soft, playful look. It's part of the Flirty Collection and is handmade from 100% human hair.

HoL introduced a new line of lashes, Bottom - Lower - Under Collection, basically lashes for under the eyes. Darling has short hairs at the inner corners then gradually fans out to longer and thicker clusters. Precious has more spacious and longer pieces. Both are a level 2 and are made of 100% human hair. Of the two designs, Darling fit my shape better and looked the most natural on me. Precious was a little too long on me but would be great if I wanted a doll-eyes, wide-eyed look. Both lashes have a clear band as opposed to the dark black bands of the top lashes so they look less obvious at the roots.

Below is me wearing Darling and Noir Fairy on the top:

You can purchase these lashes at

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