May 13, 2014

Japan Haul: Nails

Since I've been into doing d.i.y nails, I definitely wanted to get nail polishes and nail art supplies during my trip to Japan.

Etude House had a special display where you can fill a small plastic bag with as many nail polishes as you can for only 10,000 yen. My friend was able to fit 10 bottles so it only came out to about $1 per polish!

I bought a mix of the My Dear Nail Polishes from their Summer Hot Colors CollectionSummer Glitters Collection, and Summer Sand Collection that was released in 2013. The regular polishes have a nice rich pigmentation, the glitters are mostly sheer but is nice to layer over, and the sand polishes have medium coverage but are buildable. They are easy to apply and lasts for a decent amount of time, at least a week before it starts chipping.

First, are the orange shades:
  • OR201 Orange Punch: vibrant orange
  • OR202 Peach Shower: light peach
  • OR203 Party of Coral: clear with a mix of white, yellow, orange dots and stars

Next, the purples:
  • PP501 Violet Sherbert: light lavender
  • PP502 Purple Romance: medium pink

Lastly, the pinks and reds:
  • PK002 Fantastic Girl: medium warm pink
  • RD302 Ruby Red Sand: ruby red with red gritty texture

Also by Etude House, I bought a few of their Color Pop Nail Polishes. It was part of their Spring/Summer collection in 2013 that contained 10 bright shades in blues and greens. The consistency is smooth, easy to apply with opaque coverage but the wear time is very short. I don't know if the formula is different to the My Dear polishes but after only 3 days, I noticed the polish chipping even with a good base and top coat. The colors I bought were:
    • CBL602: robin egg blue
    • CBL604: medium muted cobalt blue
    • CGR703: light mint green

When I bought skincare products from SKINFOOD, I also thought I'd try their nail polishes. I didn't realize they created so many formulas until I looked at their website.
  • Pedicure Gli Pop: I've never used a polish that was supposed to be used only for the toes but that's exactly what this is described for. There are only 5 shades total, all of which have a metallic, shimmery finish. Obviously you can wear them on your fingers, all nails for a full sparkly effect or just on one nail as an accent nail. They have a smooth consistency, opaque coverage and lasts for a long time with a good base/top coat. The colors I bought were:
    • 3 Pop Ruby: pale pink champagne
    • 5 Pop Plum: medium pink-red
  • Nail Vita: A vitamin and keratin infused nail polish that is supposed to protect dehydrated and rough nails. Surprisingly, there's a huge collection of shades to choose from but I just bought BR608 Skin Nail, a cream finish light-medium brown beige. I haven't used this yet but I thought this is a nice basic color to have.

For inexpensive nail polishes, Canmake is a great brand to shop from. They have a variety of shades and finishes.
  • Colorful Nails: Canmake revamped their Colorful Nails line, everything from the formula, packaging, and even the brush. It's supposed to be long-wearing and dry fast with a glossy shine finish. The brush is 2 mm longer than traditional brushes to make it easier to apply. The formula is smooth to apply with good color payoff. I just picked up two nude shades:
    • 31 Cinnamon Pearl: light peachy beige with pearl shimmer 
    • 64 Beige Pink: light cream beige pink
  • Effect Nails: I love adding an accent nail with glitter or sand polishes. Canmake's Effect Nails bottles are much smaller than the Colorful Nails and with a shorter brush but applies just fine. The pigmentation varies from sheer to medium depending on the shade and formula but a matching base color would help give it higher coverage. The shades I bought were:
    • G03 Sunflower: gold, silver and pink holographic glitter
    • Z05 Sandy Beige: champagne with silver metallic
    • Z06 Pure Diamond: frosty white
    • Z07 Sheer Pink: warm coral-pink

  • Ettusais Gel Color Coat: The last polish I bought is supposed to give the look of gel nails that can be worn on its own or as a top coat. These came in 3-4 other shades, all of which were limited edition. BE1 Sheer Beige is a fitting name that gives the nail a healthy, natural look to them. I actually haven't used this yet so I don't know how the wear is but I thought it would be fun to try since I like the look of gel nails but not the cost or the maintenance. 

You can't do nail art without gems, stones and studs so I bought three pre-designed sets that you can just stick on your nails, however using nail glue or top coat will keep it on longer.

Then for basic pieces like studs and rhinestones, I bought these Nail Parts Art Collection packets. They're great for personal use when you don't want to buy large quantities like at the nail salons. Each pack comes with a variety of sizes and shapes.

As I mentioned above, nail glue will keep gems, stones and studs stay on longer than a top coat so I bought one by Erikonail. It has a brush so you can paint it on like a regular polish or dot it where you need it. There are some nail glues that come in  a squeeze tube but this is much easier to use without getting glue all over your fingers.

The final nail products I bought were these two 3D stickers/appliques that have lip prints on it. I didn't realize that the second one has a wedding/bridal theme to it but I thought these were cute and quick to use if I don't have time to paint my nails myself.

That's all the nail products I bought in Japan. There are so many more choices than what I can find here and it's easier to shop than having to look online. What are your favorite nail brands and products from Japan? Do you find them different in formula and quality than American brands? 

 Glamour Girl

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