February 28, 2014


ADDICTION was a cosmetic brand that I wanted to check out for myself after receiving a palette from my friends a couple birthdays ago.

I went to Seibu Department store located in Shibuya, and wanted to make myself a palette using their Compact Case II. It can hold 6 Eyeshadows/Kohl Eyeliners, 3 Blushes or a combination of those products, as well as small brushes and applicators that they sell separately. You can see when the case is empty, there are tiny holes that you can slip a pin through to pop out the products to rearrange how you like it. The palettes are not magnetized but held by glue from under the plastic of the product.

For the eyes, I wanted to create a nude-neutral color scheme that can go from day-to-night. There are different formulas that give a different finish and pigmentation concentration but the overall quality is smooth, good color payoff, and is easy to blend. The colors I bought were:
  • Ice Wall: Metallic pale ivory
  • Sandbar: Pearl light pink-y beige
  • Earth Wind: Matte medium neutral-warm brown
Their Kohl Eyeliners are inspired by traditional Arab kohl liners but in a powder formula. It contains oil and Centifolia extract to give it a moisturizing, velvety finish. I bought Night Dive, duo shades of a satin dark indigo blue and matte black. The pigmentation can be buildable for intense color or it can be buffed out for a smokier effect. I like to either use an angled stiff liner brush like a M.A.C 266, a wide flat liner brush like a M.A.C 214, or a pencil brush like a M.A.C 219, apply the color and to smudge it out.

To complete the palette, I bought Good Girl Blush, a matte light peachy pink powder blush. I picked this color because I thought it was the most universal color to wear with a daytime natural look and a dramatic night look. It has nice color payoff with a silky texture that is easy to blend.

I think the eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush combination compliment each other and are easy to wear. It's a palette that I can grab for when I need a "ready-made" look.

The next two products have become popular on beauty blogs and were on my have-to-have list before I even saw it.

Their Cheek Sticks isn't just used as a blush but also for the lips that's packaged like a lipstick. I bought the color Revenge, a matte, creamy reddish-coral shade. In the swatches, you can see it has intense pigmentation when you first swipe it on but once you blend it in, it becomes sheer and more wearable. The consistency is easy to blend and doesn't look patchy on the cheeks or dry on the lips. The product doesn't set so the wear time on cheeks and lips might not be long. It lasts all day if I set it with powder but maybe on combination-oily skin types, it might fade after a few hours. On lips, reapplication is needed especially after eating/drinking. As a blush, I swipe it on the apples of my cheeks then blend it out with my fingers and for the lips, I apply it directly from the tube. Overall, I like this multipurpose product for when I need something quick and easy.

Last but not least, I bought one of their Lipsticks and like their Eyeshadows, they come in different formulas. Lady of the Lake, a Cream finish, is a matte dark berry-wine color. The texture glides on effortlessly with rich color payoff. It's even pretty as a stain if you blot it or if it wears off. Both of these cream products have Centifolia extract which makes moisturizing and easy to to apply.

Most Japanese cosmetics tend to be really light and natural so it's nice to see a brand with more vivid colors. The standout products that I would recommend people to check out would be the Eyeshadows, Cheek Sticks, and Lipsticks. I hope ADDICTION becomes more easily available in the states in the future so more people could try out their products. If you've tried ADDICTION, what are your favorite products?

 Glamour Girl

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