February 28, 2014


ADDICTION was a cosmetic brand that I wanted to check out for myself after receiving a palette from my friends a couple birthdays ago.

I went to Seibu Department store located in Shibuya, and wanted to make myself a palette using their Compact Case II. It can hold 6 Eyeshadows/Kohl Eyeliners, 3 Blushes or a combination of those products, as well as small brushes and applicators that they sell separately. You can see when the case is empty, there are tiny holes that you can slip a pin through to pop out the products to rearrange how you like it. The palettes are not magnetized but held by glue from under the plastic of the product.

February 13, 2014

Japan Haul: Skinfood Skincare

Asian skincare has become more and more popular, even the Western brands have taken a few notes. SKINFOOD is a well-known Korean brand that I surprisingly discovered in Lumine EST Shinjuku and was eager to try. 

February 01, 2014

Japan Haul: Clothes & Accessories

Shopping for clothes in Japan during the Winter can be difficult when you live in a tropical location. Heavy sweaters and jackets aren't exactly practical. Luckily, I was actually able to find a few things plus some accessories.

While we were in Harajuku, we went to RNA MEDIA that's in Laforet department store. The style is sporty wear and tomboy-ish but somehow I managed to find this super cute sweater. It has a kiss print, which I love to have on everything, on the front and lipsticks on the back. Even though it's a long-sleeved sweater, the material is lightweight and breathable.

The next two stores are not Japan based but we don't have them in Hawaii.

ZARA is pretty popular in Japan, there were multiple stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya. While my sister bought four bags from there, I only bought this grey t-shirt that has, yes, lips and lipsticks on it. It also has these squiggly marks from the "lipstick" that is designed with beads. I just thought this was a fun shirt to wear and to add my lip clothing collection.

Then at H&M, I bought a light grey infinity scarf that has nude-pink lips all over it. I have a burgundy and blue lip scarf but I like that this is a neutral color that will go with a lot of outfits. This is the last lip print design I bought during my trip, I promise!

Also at H&M, I bought a big pale beige bow hair clip in a velvety material. I love using bows when I wear a topknot, high-bun or any other hairstyle.

I bought another bow at a shop called Feria that's in Shinjuku Lumine EST. There are so many styles of one accessory that it's hard to choose. Normally I pick a design that will stand out against my black hair but I like this one because it's a simple black with beads and stones at the center that gives it a sophisticated look.

A well-known designer in Japan is Samantha Thavasa which sells bags and wallets. Petite Choice is a sub-brand and was the perfect brand for me to go to when I was looking for a wallet. I bought a Lamé Print Multi-Pass Case in Beige. It's compact enough to fit in my small handbags but can actually fit quite a lot, everything from cash, coins, cards and ID. The cream color with subtle gold flecks makes it look chic yet functional at the same time.

I've been into nude-cream colors lately and found this bag at TOPSHOP on my last day of shopping. Although it's not a Japanese brand and I've shopped online before, it's nice to shop at the actual store. This Colorblock Bowler Bag is great for carrying a lot of things on a busy day doing errands. I like that  the nude side panel is a pocket for easy to grab access. It comes with a long strap to wear as a shoulder bag but I like carrying it just as a tote. A white bag can be tricky to not get dirty but it's also a color that can carry throughout the seasons.

I love getting jewelry in Japan, the sizes are much smaller and fit me better. The styles also tend to be a little more delicate and dainty. I bought these two inexpensive rings at a shop called Lycka that's in Laforet. They're actually quite chunky in comparison to the other styles I've seen but thought it was something different.

My last and most expensive purchase is from ABISTE. It has become a tradition of mine to purchase something from this brand since I discovered it 5 years ago at the hotel I stay in. I have a few watches from them but wanted to get a ring instead. I'm not sure what the style is called but it has a pear-shaped clear stone with tiny stones around it on a rose-gold band. There was one that had a round stone but  the shape of this ring instantly caught my eye. I love that it's a delicate, elegant and feminine design that isn't too cutesy or flashy.

That's all I bought fashion-wise on my trip. It's not much but not all of Japan's style is something that I would wear. Next up, my skincare haul from Skinfood.

 Glamour Girl
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