January 08, 2014

theBalm 50% Off Haul: Shady Lady Palettes, Batter Up, Put a Lid On It

My final haul and review from theBalm is on their eye products, which I believe is one of their stand out products. Their Shady Lady Eyeshadows come in singles or in a pre-made palette. I've bought Vol. 2 years ago and finally bought the other two to complete the set, plus a couple of other things.

  • Shady Lady Vol. 1: With its cheetah print casing, the colors in this palette are a mix of browns, jewel-tones and muted neutrals. This is probably my favorite of all three palettes because it has a nice mixture of everything that goes well together to create a variety of looks. All colors except for Jet-Setting Jennifer and Easy Wheezie are permanent as single eyeshadows. Colors include:
    • Caught in the Act Courtney: dark brown with gold shimmer
    • Shameless Shana: shimmery medium golden brown
    • Luscious Lani: shimmery light beige-pink
    • Jealous Jordana: shimmery dark forest green
    • Risque Renee: satin-shimmer dark slate blue
    • Curvy Cami: shimmery medium plum-purple with gold shimmer
    • Jet-Setting Jennifer: frosty pale golden-green
    • All About Alex: shimmery medium muted pewter
    • Easy Wheezie: shimmery muted steel blue
  • Shady Lady Vol. 3: This one has a giraffe print design and a little more of an eclectic collection of shadows. They sort of mix-match but still compliment each other. Unlike Vol. 1, all are exclusive to this palette. Colors include:
    • Lusty Ice: shimmery light silver
    • Envious Erin: frosty pale cream with silver shimmer
    • Racy Kacy: shimmery medium warm auburn
    • Safe Bet Annette: frosty light rose-pink
    • Runaround Rebecca: shimmery olive green
    • Come-Hither Heather: satin-shimmer grey-taupe
    • Open to Offers Olwen: frosty medium teal
    • All the Way Annie: shimmery medium plum
    • Guilty Gwen: black with silver sparkle

As you can see in the swatches, the pigmentation is rich, with a smooth texture that is easy to blend. The only downside I have to them is that they all have some form of a shimmery-frosty finish so you can't really create depth to the eyes but theBalm does have a Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette that is perfect to incorporate with these shadows. Overall, I think with the quality and the amount of product you get (I believe they are the same size as the singles), they are a great value.

  • Home Plate Kate Batter Up Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows: This is actually discontinued but I thought I'd still review it in case you can still find it online. It's a cream eyeshadow that also came in three other shades. Home Plate Kate is pale shimmery pink-beige. It doesn't claim to be waterproof or even water-resistant but it does stay on well over a primer. You can wear it on its own, under powder eyeshadow as a base and to intensify colors, as well as using them as a highlighters on the face.I like to use the warmth of my finger to apply a smooth, even application but a flat synthetic brush can also work well.
  • Put a Lid On It Eyelid Primer: Finally, theBalm came out with their own eyeshadow primer! Formulated with light-reflecting properties, it brighten the eye area while keeping the eye makeup and colors staying true all day without creasing or fading. It's packaged in a tube that makes it sanitary and easy to use. The texture is similar to other eye primers already out in the market, a creamy-silicone like in a light nude-beige color. It's basically colorless on my skin and doesn't alter the colors. I can apply eyeshadows immediately afterwards without any difficulty blending them. I find this to have a little more slip than other primers and a little lighter in consistency. Overall, I think this will become a staple product in their line.

That concludes my haul! I know I went a little overboard but I'm glad I could purchase it during the sale. I can't wait to see what theBalm comes with next. For the price and quality,  I hope these posts help you in discovering this brand, if you haven't already. What were your favorite products during this sale?

 Glamour Girl

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