December 24, 2013

theBalm 50% Off Haul: TimeBalm Skincare

After buying theBalm Almond Microdermabrasion Face Scrub, I wanted to explore the rest of their skincare line. All their products are paraben, synthetic dye, phthalate and cruelty free. Also made in the USA, too!

  • Hazelnut Vitamin E Face Cream: This moisturizer is formulated to protect your skin against free radicals while hydrating with antioxidants and humectants. Hazelnut has high amounts of Vitamin E and is know to protect skin from ultraviolet rays. It has a buttery, creamy texture to it but doesn't feel heavy and is wearable under makeup.
  • Cranberry Invigorating Eye Cream: A brightening eye cream formulated with caffeine to reduce puffiness and stimulate circulation. It has a nice balance of being rich enough to hydrate the delicate skin but is light enough to absorb quickly. The one thing that really surprised me was the size of the jar - it has the same amount of product as the moisturizer. Not a lot of product is needed under the eye area so this product will last for a long time.
  • Blueberry Face Treatment Mask: A blueberry extract-based mask to tighten and clarify your complexion while glycerin and aloe hydrate and sooth the skin. It has a liquid, milky texture that dries into a chalky after about 10-15 minutes left on the skin. I love the way it makes my skin feel after I use it, super soft, and refreshed. I also like that it doesn't irritate so it works well on sensitive skin. It's suggested to use it 3 times a week for dry skin and once a week for all other skin types.
  • Honey Face & Body Primer: A primer containing honey extracts, vegetable derived oils, antioxidants and Jojoba to give the face and body a satin finish. For the face, you can use it under makeup to help products glide on smoothly. For the body, you can apply to rough areas to moisturize. It can even be used on your hair to add shine. Upon close inspection, I can see microscopic specks of shimmer but it's hardly visible on the skin. I like the silky finish it leaves on the skin for quick hydration.
  • Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover: This isn't part of the TimeBalm line but I wanted to give it a try. Packaged in a round tin, the solid product is fortified with Vitamin A, C & E, and plant-derived Sterols and Lipids blend. It's safe for sensitive eyes and conditions the delicate eye area while cleansing. To use, I scoop out a nickel-size amount of product onto closed eyes, massage in circular motions for about a minute, then wipe away with tissue. Sometimes I still see eyeliner and mascara residue but I can clean that off with my facial cleanser. It basically feels like a solid oil or petroleum jelly and it can feel a little greasy afterwards. Although this is leak-proof and nice for travelling, it's not really my type of eye makeup removal product and prefer liquid double-phase formulas.

I like that the TimeBalm line is based on ingredients found in nature and in know to help the skin in some way. They also categories their products by skin-type which makes it easier to shop. The products I bought are for normal-to-dry skin but could be used even on combination skin. Have you tried theBalm's skincare? Favorite products?

 Glamour Girl

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