November 26, 2013

House of Lashes Review

As everyone may know, I love false lashes. I recently found a new brand through Instagram of all places, called House of Lashes. Celebrities such as actress Eva Longoria and British girl group Little Mix are wearing them. The lashes are made of 100% premium human hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. Even the boxes are recyclable. You can buy one pair or a set of three.

For my first order, there was a 50% off sale. Their designs are categorized by collections and so the first two pair of lashes are from the Premium Luxe Collection:
  • Noir Fairy Black: This seems to be the most popular since I see them being used most on Instagram. On their 1-5 scale of density, this has the most fullness. In close inspection, it's stacked with a  pair of criss-cross lashes for volume then a pair of spiky lashes for length. It does give a dramatic look to the eyes, great when doing a smokey eye or if you're a minimal eye look but want the lashes to be the focus. They quickly become my go-to lashes and I can see why they're popular. They even come in brown for a softer version.
  • Pixie Luxe: Criss-cross layered design for a full, voluminous lash look. It's a 4 on the density scale, with its light and feathery effect that opens up the eyes that still looks natural.

The Premium Luxe lashes are a little more expensive than the rest of the line but because they are synthetic, they'll last much longer. I've worn one pair more than l0 times and they haven't fallen apart yet.

The next two pairs are from the Glam Collection and Goddess Collection, both made of 100% human hair.
  • Siren: Medium density that has little clusters of uneven length for a flirty, fringed, wispy look.
  • Feline: Criss-crosses at the base and starts short at the inner corners that gradually gets longer and denser at the corners. This style helps elongate the eyes and creates a cat-eye effect.

Can't have lashes without the glue so I also bought their Eyelash Adhesive. Formulated to be latex-free and waterproof which is great for sensitive eyes. It also has a slight floral scent that isn't irritating on the eyes. Comes with a brush applicator that makes it easy to apply on the band of the lash. After the glue gets tacky in 15-20 seconds, I can apply the lashes on my eyes with ease. Once I have the lashes on, it stays on all day. With other glues, I can sometimes feel the corners lifting off my eyes but using this glue, it doesn't. I've tried so many eyelash glues and this by far is my favorite.

To store your lashes in one place, HoL sell Ribbon Eyelash Case which is a plastic case that holds three pairs of lashes plus a section for a mini eyelash glue or tools. The single case was sold out at the time so I bought the 2 pack. I took this on my recent trip to Japan and it made much easier to bring a variety of lashes without a whole bunch of boxes taking a lot of space.

On my second order, there was a 25% off sale and so I bought a few natural looking lashes from the Goddess Collection, all made of 100% human hair.

  • Bombshell: This is gives you that Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe eyes. It's hand-woven with various degrees of thickness and length. These are my mom's favorite because they add a little definition to the eyes but still looks natural.
  • Bohemian Princess: Similar to Bombshell but with less volume. It's perfect for when you don't want your lashes to overwhelm or distract from your look.
  • Dollface: Clean, separated lashes to give you that wide-eyed doll look. It's thicker at the base and lightly flares at the tips.

I've instantly become a fan of House of Lashes after making these two orders. The quality is amazing and at a reasonable price and they have an assorted selection to choose from that you're bound to find a style you like. Make sure to follow their Instagram for upcoming deals. What are your favorite lashes from House of Lashes?

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