October 18, 2013

Skincare Update with Origins

I needed to replenish my skincare supplies and wanted to try a few products from Origins so it's the perfect timing to shop when they have a deal going on.

I first wanted to try the new GinZing products that was recommended by YouTuber and Makeup Artist Jaclyn Hill.
  • GinZing Energy-boosting Moisturizer: An oil-free moisturizer that is supposed to boost the skin's hydration with  Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean to help the skin look refreshed and glow-y. I really like the consistency, it's lightweight with a gel-cream like texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. It's great under makeup because it doesn't leave any greasy residue. You can apply it AM and PM but I like using it in the morning because the citrus-y scent helps perk you right up.
  • GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff: Just like the moisturizer, this day time eye cream is infused with Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean as well as Magnolia Extract and brighteners to reduce dark circles and brighten tired looking eyes. As you can see in the jar and the swatch, it has a pink-y beige pearly shimmer which adds to the brightening effect. It feels cooling under the eyes and absorbs quickly. Because this has shimmer in it, it's sort of a makeup and skincare in one and is best to use only in the mornings and then a different eye cream at night.
When I bought these two products, I received four deluxe-size samples:
I haven't tried them all yet but the sizes are great to test them out and to take with you if you're traveling.

The next three products I actually got for my birthday from my mom (will post the other things I got!) but thought I should include it in this post.
  • Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores: After trying the sample above and liking it, I wanted to get a full size. 3.4 oz. is the largest size, they also have a 1.7 oz. which can be good if you don't use masks that often. This mask is suitable for all skin types and is supposed to help clear pores of dirt and toxins. The charcoal acts like a magnet deep into the pores, while the White China clay absorbs environmental toxins and Lecithin dissolves impurities. To use, I place a warm damp towel over my face to help open pores, then apply a generous amount making sure every part of the skin is covered. Once the mask hardens after about 15 minutes, I  wash it off with a damp towel. My skin feels refreshed when it's on but doesn't sting and as it dries, I can feel it tightening my pores. I can use this a 1-2 times a week and it doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out.
  • United State Balancing Tonic: My skin has changed in the last several months, it's gotten a little oilier on the forehead and nose but with a few dry patches here and there. I was using the Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion for a long time but thought the United State would suit better for my combination skin. This toner exfoliates dead skin cells, removes shine with Laminaria without over stripping the the skin, and maintain skin's moisture level with Soy Protein. It also has a nice scent of Bergamot, Spearmint and Lavender that's not overpowering. Compared to Make A Difference, this one leaves your skin completely dry to the touch whereas the other one has more moisture to the skin. I'm liking this toner just as much as the other one as it does help balance out my skin.
  • Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Moisturizer: Just like with the toner, I changed my night time moisturizer for something a little bit lighter. It's infused with Lychee and Watermelon to moisturize and repair deep into dry, dehydrated skin. This has a slightly thinner consistency than Make A Difference Ultra Rich Rejuvenating Cream which was what I was previously using, but it still gives adequate moisture to the skin.
When my mom bought this, they were offering your choice of a Beauty Insider Box which contained three deluxe-size samples. She got me the Best At-Home Facial box that consisted of:

Every product I've tried from Origins, I've loved. They have a variety of products to suit every skin type, use natural plant and organic ingredients, and it's affordable. I also love that they have special offers quite frequently, it entices you to buy something if you get to try out some samples. What are your favorite Origins product? Have you noticed a difference in your skin by using it?

 Glamour Girl

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