October 01, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Fashion & Hair Accessories

Accessories add a little something extra to an outfit and can completely change the look of the style. Here's a collection of jewelry and hair accessories 

My sister actually got me this Michael Kors wrap bracelet for Christmas last year. It's a black leather strap with gold buckle and clear glass pave crystals. Its edgy, chic, sporty and glam all at once and can be paired with almost any other jewelry.

Here's an Instagram photo of me wearing it:

Then I bought 5 rings, the first two are from ALDO. Midi rings or knuckle rings are the trend right now. I liked these because they're simple and delicate, with a crown and bow design.

The next three rings are from Mahina. I love wishbone designs and it's hard to find them in rings. The other two rings have a bohemian style to it, with one having a black stone and a dark burgundy stone. 

Changing up your hairstyle can easily be done with hair accessories. I bought these two bow clips from boohoo.com which I've bought one from before, in a leopard print and a mustard yellow with black polka dot print. I love wearing them when I style my hair into a topknot or a big bun at the top of my head and then placing the bow at the front for a cute girly look. You can also style your hair into a pony tail and place the bow on top for a sweet look. For more ideas with bows, check out Twist Me Pretty's blog.

I haven't worn hair claw clips since middle school but when I saw these at Ross by Zoe Zoe, I thought I'd try them out again. They came in various patterns and sizes. The medium size is good for half up-dos and the smaller ones are good for pulling back bangs or hair that's in front of your face.

What are your favorite jewelry accessories and hair accessories?

 Glamour Girl

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