September 18, 2013

Department Store Haul

I've done a post on buying clothes when you're on a budget and thought I would do one on department store shopping.

The most expensive item of clothing I bought was a Sam Edelman Loren Mini Moto Leather Jacket in Blush color. I went to the Waikele Premium Outlet for the first time, which is where they have name brands at a discount. I wasn't particularly looking for a jacket like this but once I saw it and tried it on, I loved it and fortunately for me their were sales going on that reduced the price from a $700 to around $140. Blush is the perfect color description for it because it has the balance of light pink and beige. You can compliment with other pink tones in your outfit to bring the girly style or pair this with greys and black to soften a look. It has leopard print lining, gold zippers, and a wide notched lapel. This is my first genuine leather jacket and the quality is so smooth and I know this will be a key piece in my wardrobe.

Armani Exchange had a 40% off sale and again, I wasn't really expecting to get anything but I bought this black jacket and even my mom got one as well. It's a cross between a fitted blazer but soft and more casual like a cardigan. It's light enough for the day time but can still be formal to carry on to the night. This has become my go-to black jacket and a staple in my closet.

I then bought two tops from BP. Nordstrom, the first one has denim and tribal print mix with a zipper at the front. It's something different that I usually wear both n the print and the orange-brick color. It's nice for Summer but can be worn throughout the Autumn season.

The second top is a black knit, half length sleeves. It's sort of sheer and lightweight but still formal and chic. It's great for when you just want to throw on something basic and still look stylish.

I also bought two accessories at Nordstrom. I love my burgundy lip scarf that I bought from Dorothy Perkins and a brand called Tasha had some in different colors. The Hot Lips Infinity Scarf in Navy has kiss prints in white, light blue, pink and mint green over a navy background. I thought these colors complimented me the best out of the others and just adds a fun color to a neutral outfit. As you can see in the photo below, I kept the look simple with a white t-shirt and black leather jacket, while the scarf adds a pop of color.

I wanted to get a case for my glasses to carry in my purse and Sax Eyewear Accessory Soft Sunglasses Case was just what I needed. It's bendable, lightweight and the bright Pink is easy to find in my handbag.

What are your thoughts on department store fashion? Overpriced or is the quality worth it?

Glamour Girl

September 10, 2013

Easy Temporary Hair Color

I'm always looking out for ways to change up my hair without the commitment. I've bought Alterna Stylist Temporary Color Mousse Night Highlights which can be a little messy but I found two products that are much easier to use.
  • Sultra Clip-in Color Hair Extension: Each box comes with 2 gram 14 inches of 100% Indian Remy human hair. You can do everything as you would with real hair: curl it, flat iron it, style it however you want. It only comes with one extension piece which is fine if you just want a streak of color peeking through. If you want color all around your hair, you would need to buy several boxes and that can be a little pricey. I have two sets of  Royal Violet and Lapis Blue to wear on each side of my head. As you can see in the photo, the colors are bright enough to show through black hair.

  • Sultra Hair Palette Color Hair Mascara: Colored mascara to add streaks of color or apply to the tips of your hair. You apply it just like you would apply mascara on your lashes, running the wand throughout your hair. It suggests to let the product dry for about 5 minutes then brush or comb it through so the color is blended in. My fingers got a little dirty when I touched my hair while the product was still wet, especially when I had to hold a piece of hair to color the tips. Once it's completely dry though, it doesn't flake off or get on my clothes. I would wear a towel over my shoulders or an old when applying and then change into your clothes after it dries. The product claims to stay on for two days but is easily washes out with shampoo. I have all four colors which aren't super bright when worn but do show up even on black hair. You can wear the colors individually or wear multiple colors to create a fun gradient look. I usually like my hair curly/wavy so I style my hair first then apply the colored mascara since I'm not sure if the hot styling tool will melt the product and make a mess. Below are a few examples of how the colors look on my hair.

I really love these temporary hair color products. They're easy to use and instantly change up your look without anything drastic or permanent. What do you think of temporary hair color products? What's your favorite pop of color to add in your hair?

 Glamour Girl

September 07, 2013

M.A.C Tropical Taboo/Nudes & Metallics Autumn Tutorial

Autumn/Fall is my favorite season (September baby here!) for the rich colors and warmer fashion. This makeup tutorial is showing the deeper jewel tones like cranberry and burgundy but still keeping the softer peach and terracotta-browns from the Summer.

Products used were from M.A.C's Tropical Taboo Collection and Nudes & Metallics Collection.

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