August 25, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I recently shopped at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale a few weeks ago and bought a few things that are quickly becoming new favorites.

Watches are one of my signature accessories, I always have one on that will coordinate my outfit. I wasn't planning to buy a watch even though I found one at last year's anniversary sale, but I bought an Amy Strap 36mm by Marc Jacobs in the jewelry tent. It has a genuine leather strap in a medium brown color with gold stainless steel face ring and roller buckle. The watch caught my eye because it's a simple, classic and timeless style but different from my other watches. It goes with almost any outfit I'm wearing and stands out without being too much.

I then bought two crop tops that weren't sold under the tents but was on sale.

The first one is a Tildon Super Drop Body-Con Crop Pullover. It's in a cream color with fine ribbed texture and ribbed neckline. It's form-fitting stopping right at the waist with quarter-length sleeves. This is something I can wear for so many occasions, day or night and will be a staple in my wardrobe.

The second crop top is a Leith Print Lace Top. It's a mix of cotton and nylon lace pattern in navy blue and black. I really love this top because it has the perfect blend of trendy edginess and elegance. It has more of a boxy cut, stopping at the waist with quarter-length sleeves. Again, I can see myself wearing this often, particularly at night and during the Autumn/Winter season.

What did you buy during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

 Glamour Girl

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