July 12, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Spring/Summer Fashion

Spring/Summer is the perfect time to have fun with your fashion. You can experiment with color and wear softer colors like white, cream and gold. Here are a few pieces I bought a few months ago to wear for the season.

At Basique Threads, I bought this mint peplum strapless top. It has metallic gold detail over it which adds a little sparkle to an outfit. You can pair this with white jeans or leggings for that perfect Spring day look, then throw on a blazer for an instant chic evening look.

Then on Boohoo.com, I did a mini haul when they had a sale. Crop tops are majorly in for Summer, it keeps you cool while showing some skin. I bought them in a bright color and with a printed design. The coral crop top is the ideal Spring/Summer shade, it's bright and just has a freshness to your wardrobe. The houndstooth printed crop top makes it a rocker look, especially paired with  black leather. Either crop top can be worn with high-waisted skirts or pants, or if you're feeling more daring, you can show off your midriff. 

Finally, I bought a few things from Forever 21. I bought two casual/day dresses in the same style, just in the different colors. One is in blue, pink, mint, cream and white and the other is in peach, yellow, light blue, tan and white. The stripes vary in thickness which makes it flattering to wear. I love having these no-fuss dresses for everyday wear, the colors still being fun and colorful.

I bought another peplum top, this one in a pale gold-cream color with a hint of gold sparkle to highlight the detail with sheerer lace at the sleeves. This top is more on the dressier side but could carry on through the rest of the seasons to make a well worn piece in your wardrobe.

Lastly, nothing says Summer like the color white. This white faux leather jacket has gold studs on the shoulders, a nice detail to show off when your hair is up. It's simple, yet chic to wear with almost any Summer style.

What are your favorite fashion trends to wear in the Spring/Summer?

 Glamour Girl

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