March 08, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Studio Collection

Perfecting the skin is made easy with M.A.C's Studio Collection. Released for Spring back in January, it consisted of expanding shades for the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation, as well as  four Pro Conceal and Conceal Palettes that contain six Studio Finish Concealers. The top four shades are the regular skin-tone concealers, the bottom two are the corrector shades.

I only bought three of the four palettes as those were the shades I would mostly use on myself and on clients. The coverage and textures are exactly the same as the ones in the pot: full coverage with a creamy consistency. It's best to set it with some sort of powder (loose, pressed, etc.) to keep it lasting all day. You can use it to hide just about everything; blemishes, tattoos, birthmarks, even use it as a foundation if you're in a bind. NC shades have a yellow undertone so they'll match warm skintones and NW shades have pink undertones so they're more suitable for cool undertones. You can always mix the shades if you have more of a neutral undertone or are in between shades. The correctors can be used to cover dark circles under the eyes, yellow for purple shadows and peach for blue shadows.
  • Light:
    • NC15
    • W10, exclusive to the palette
    • NC20
    • NW20
    • Pale Yellow, exclusive to the palette
    • Pale Pink, exclusive to the palette

  • Medium:
    • NC30
    • NW25
    • NC35
    • NW35
    • Mid-Yellow, exclusive to the palette
    • Mid-Peach, exclusive to the palette

  • Medium Deep:
    • NC40
    • NW40
    • NW42
    • NW43
    • Rich Yellow, exclusive to the palette
    • Burnt Coral

These kits aren't just for professional Makeup Artists but even for personal use, especially if your skintone changes from season to season. The slim case is compact enough to take anywhere and the clear lid makes it easy to see which palette you need.  If you run out of a shade, you could buy the potted form and refill it, except for the exclusive shades. Fortunately, these palettes are permanent so you could always just get a another palette all together. What do you think of the concealer palette concept? Does it make easier for you to use or more difficult because their so many shades?

 Glamour Girl

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