March 03, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Strength Collection and Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

M.A.C's Strength Collection came out right after Christmas Day for Spring 2013 consisting of soft, neutral colors for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, paired with strong, bright shades for the lips. The eyeshadow shades seemed dupe-able so I skipped out on those but I did pick up a few of the lipsticks and one of the nude blushes.
  • Party Parrot: Matte finish, limited edition; bright medium warm pink-y coral. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
  • Pink Pigeon: Matte finish, limited edition; vivid medium cool fuchsia pink. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
  • Strong Woman: Matte finish, limited edition; deep red-tone purple. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
These shades are great for the Spring/Summer season to add a punch of color to the face. You could also wear them as a stain if you just want a subtle hint of color.
  • Taupe Shape Powder Blush: Satin finish, limited edition; medium grey-brown. It has a soft pearly-sheen to it that wouldn't really work for contouring but could still be used as a nude blush when you don't want a lot of color to your cheeks.

Released around the same time was Candy Yum Yum Lipstick which became permanent product. Back in March of '12, there was a M.A.C By Request Collection to vote for your favorite popular limited edition Eyeshadows, Lipglasses or Lipsticks. Candy Yum Yum , a neon pink, surprised me for being the winner since it's such a bright color that I would think most people would feel uncomfortable wearing it. The matte long-wearing formula is such a show-stopping color. If you want to deepen it a bit, you could use a lip pencil in a deeper shade, something like M.A.C Magenta or Vino on the edges and outer corners to create more dimension to the lips.

I used some of these products in my recent video, my M.A.C Bold Brows, Loud Lips S/S Makeup Tutorial, to show how you could use them. What are your thoughts on the Strength Collection? Were you happy with the chosen winner for the permanent product? What would you have voted instead?

 Glamour Girl

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