March 30, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Cyber Monday 20% Off

My last Cyber Monday haul was from, just a couple of clothing pieces and one hair accessory.

When I saw this jacket, I just had to have it. It's faux leather in a deep wine/berry shade with gold zipper details. It's a beautiful color for the Fall/Winter season but I think it could still be carried through the next year, depending on what you pair it with. You could compliment the red-brown-burgundy color with pinks and warm colors like how I'm wearing it in the photo, or contrast with the jacket by wearing blues and greens. I think the brown tones adds warmth and richness to any outfit, yet it softens a look and is a nice alternative to black. This was the first time I've bought a jacket from boohoo and found that it's a bit tight under the arm and shoulder area but fits well everywhere else.

The top I bought was a floral print bralet. It has a mix of pinks, reds and greens, with the spaghetti straps crossing at the back and decorative buttons on the front. This is actually a cropped top that you would wear with high waisted pants or skirts to bare your midriff but it fits just right on me. I finally wore it yesterday with a light white cardigan, an outfit perfect for Spring.

I've been wanting to get bows to accessorize my hair and bought the Marina Stud Bow Clip. It comes in a variety of colors but I bought the light pink with gold studs as I thought it would stand out against my black hair. There are multiple ways you can place the bow on your hair, Abby from Twist Me Pretty shows you 8 easy ways. My favorite style to wear is to create a bun/top-knot high on top of the head, then place the bow on the front. I like the juxtaposition between the "cutesy" hairstyle and my rocker  look that I'm wearing.

What clothing brands do you like to shop online from during Cyber Monday?

 Glamour Girl

March 25, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: theBalm Cyber Monday 40% Off

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the best time to shop on theBalm's website because they offer 40% off, which is a pretty big discount for beauty products. I bought some new products that were recently introduced to the line plus a few favorites in new colors.

Powder to the People Brushes are a new collection of multi-tasking makeup brushes, 2 for the face and 3 dual ended eye brushes, that are cruelty-free. After seeing The Shades of U blog review and YouTube review of the face brushes, I decided not to get them because I thought they were a little too big and the handles were too long. I'm not particularly a fan of double-ended brushes either but I really wanted to try them anyway. The two eye brushes I bought were:
  • Give Crease a Chance:
    • All-over Eyeshadow Brush: Large wide, flat dense brush. Can be used to apply base color, brow-bone highlight and to powder the face on small areas like under the eyes.
    • Eye Blending Brush: Medium duo-fiber tapered dome shaped brush. Can be used to apply a wash of color all over, in the crease and to blend. Duo-fiber means it has a mix of natural and synthetic bristles so you can use it to apply emollient products like concealers and cream shadows.

  • Crease, Love & Happiness:
    • Smudger Brush: Small tapered flat brush. Can be used to apply shadows on smaller for more precision like the lid, brow-bone, outer and inner corners, as well as soften shadows and liners on the bottom lash-line.
    • Tapered Crease Brush: Medium tapered dome shaped brush. Can be used to apply colors in the crease, outer corners, a sheer wash of color all over and to blend.

    Overall, I like the quality of the brushes. They're soft yet firm enough to do its job and don't feel scratchy on the skin or shed hairs on my face. Each brush has a clear slip cover on one end so you can protect it while storing them in brush roll or cup and it won't get smashed. A funny idea that I got to hold the brushes was from Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set, to put them in a tooth brush case. Weird but it works, just make sure it's wide enough to fit them.

    Surprisingly, theBalm only has one type of eyeliner and that is the Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner. It has a felt tip applicator that is firm but has the bend to control how thick or thin you want the liner to be and a long, fine point to draw the perfect winged liner. The liner itself is quite wet so you'll need a few minutes for it to completely dry. Once it's set, it leaves a nice matte finish. It's also a rich, black color that doesn't have any blue undertones or fades into a grey color. The only negative to this liner is that even though it claims it won't flake or smudge, it will run if you get teary eyed or the liner touches water. Despite it  it is not being waterproof or water-resistant, it's still an easy to use liquid liner that I hope will expand with more colors and become waterproof.

    There a few mascaras to choose from the line, one of which I bought from the What's Your Type? collection. I bought "The Body Builder" type which is supposed to define and volumize the lashes while conditioning and strengthening them with Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bamboo. It's not a waterproof/resistant formula but it claims it won't smudge which I can confirm it doesn't. The thin brush coats each lash without clumping or flaking off. I like that the mascara darkens my lashes but it doesn't hold the curl that well.

    One of my favorite products from thebalm that I tried from making my first Black Friday order last year, are the Hot Ticket Nail Polishes. The formulas are creamy, rich in color even with just one coat, and long-lasting. The shades I bought:

    • Coral Reef-ined: light creamy coral
    • I'll Pink to That: light creamy warm pink
    • Lilac Any Sense: medium creamy purple
    • All You Ever Do is Taupe: medium metallic grey-taupe
    • Root Beer Gloat: deep metallic golden-brown

    Finally, the last product I bought was from the new skincare they recently created. They have everything from cleansers and moisturizers to scrubs and toners. Not many people have really mentioned their thoughts on it on beauty blogs or YouTube videos but I got one product just to try out. I bought the Almond Microdermabrasion Face Scrub which is for all skin types. The Jojoba-based exfoliant buffs away the dead skin while the humectants help retain moisture. It's a very gentle scrub and the almond scent isn't overpowering at all, I'm sure people with even the most sensitive and delicate of skin would have no problems using it.

    theBalm has become one of my favorite brands and I love that they're expanding their line more and more. Their cute retro packaging doesn't take away from the quality of the products, if anything I think it draws people in to trying them out. What do you think of theBalm and what are your favorite products?

     Glamour Girl

    March 21, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: Jouer Cyber Monday 20% Off

    If you're not willing to camp out the night before Black Friday, then Cyber Monday is the way to go to grab deals online right in the comfort of your own home.

    Jouer Cosmetics offered 20% off and while I got a few things for my mom's Christmas present, I bought a few things for myself.
    • Lip Enhancer: I've reviewed this before when I made my first order but I thought I would show an updated picture of it and review. This Conditioning Lip Treatment has Maxi-Lip to naturally plump up your lips while decreasing fine lines. It's infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to moisturize and protect lips from environmental damage. It's suggested to be used as a night treatment or for the most maximum results, 3 times a day for 29 days. Even though it has a sheer glossy pink tint to it, I can still use at as a lip balm at night or on its own for a healthy hint of color. I don't notice any lip plumping action but it does make my lips feel soft.
    • Dusty Hydrating Lipstick: A light neutral beige-nude. This has more of a sheer to medium pigmentation with a slightly glossy sheen to it. I like that it's a nude color with a bit of a warm undertone to it so it isn't super pale and it won't wash you out. It's a soft color that can be worn for a natural daytime look or pair it with dramatic smokey eye for a dramatic evening look.
    • Naturel Lip Definer: This was my first lip liner from Jouer. It's a light beige brown nude with a subtle pearly sheen to it. The transfer resistant formula has Vitamin E to keep the texture feeling smooth and creamy to apply. Comes with a small sharpener that works really really to keep the pencil pointy and it has a picker to help clean in between the blade.

    If you want to see these products being used, watch my Jouer Cosmetics Day to Night makeup tutorial. What Cyber Monday deals did you find?

     Glamour Girl

    March 20, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: Nordstrom Rack Black Friday Haul

    I've never shopped during Black Friday (can't stand the crowds!) but I did go to Nordstrom Rack on the weekend and bought a few things, plus caught a few Cyber Monday deals which I will write up on a separate posts. I was sick at the end of the year and again in mid January that's why this is posted so late, but I'm finally getting around to it so here's a mini haul of what I got.

    I've often got false eyelashes at Nordstrom Rack and discovered they also have DUO Brush-On Adhesive in White/Clear. I don't know if this is new but I noticed more and more brands are making eyelash glues with a applicators. I like this application better than a squeeze tube because the thin brush applies exactly on the band and so you don't get the glue on the lashes. I also find the glue consistency is much thinner than ones in the tubes and you can apply the lashes almost immediately so you don't have to wait around for it to dry. The only downside to brush-on adhesives are that somehow the glue gets sticky around the tube.

    I also got a simple wallet by LODIS, the Audrey Petite Card Case. Since I carry small purses and wristlets, I don't want a bulky wallet that will take up so much space. The is one very slim, can hold a few cards, cash and coins at the back. It came in a few colors but I like the unique grey, blue and hot pink combo.

    Last thing I bought was this silver ring with a rectangular Mother of Pearl in the center. I thought the juxtaposition between the masculinity of the band and the softness of the pearl was really interesting and had more of a sporty look.

    What were your Black Friday deals?

     Glamour Girl

    March 17, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: Zoya 3 Free 2013

    To celebrate the new year, ZOYA offered three Nail Polishes of your choice for free. You still had to pay the shipping and processing charge of $10 but that's still a pretty good deal, coming at only just $3 per polish.

    ZOYA Nail Polishes are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor and dibutyl phthalate, as well as being vegan friendly. I really like the quality of the formula: it has a smooth, creamy consistency but it's not goopy. The brush fits on the nails just right and applies with no streaks or air bubbles. The colors are rich in pigment and lasts for quite a few days with no chipping even without reapplying a top coat.

    Since these polishes were free, I decided to get colors that I don't normally wear:
    • Yummy: bright robin's egg blue; opaque, cream finish.
    • Hope: medium violet-purple with red, blue and silver shimmer; opaque, metallic finish.
    • Apple: bright yellow-green with gold sparkle; opaque, metallic finish.

    What are your favorite shades from ZOYA?

     Glamour Girl

    March 11, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: Dorothy Perkins 15% Off Additional Sale

    It's been a while since I ordered from Dorothy Perkins but they recently had a sale where they offered 15% off on top of their already reduced items and so I was able to snag some great deals on dressier pieces.

    Peplum styles are seen everywhere and so I wanted to try it myself. I bought a short-sleeve top in a deep purple color, with a gold zipper at the back. It's simple yet nice for a polished look for any occasion, paired with black leggings or black jeans and the skirt just adds a subtle shape to the body.

    For a sophisticated look, I bought a gold heart strapless dress. It's more of a metallic taupe-gold with gems along  the neckline, which is a pretty touch of sparkle to the dress. This cocktail length dress would go perfectly with a black or cream blazer.

    If you've seen my clothing hauls often enough, you probably know I love jackets. I obviously don't need any more but couldn't help to buy two from the sale.

    The first one is a knit cardigan with sequins at the shoulders. The soft textured material has a mix of pink, beige, cream and black and the sequins are a pretty champagne color. I bought it because I thought it would be a great piece to just throw on over a basic outfit for a casual look. The 3/4 sleeve keeps you warm enough on those cool Spring days. As you can see in my Instagram photo, wearing it with a charcoal grey tank top and jeans keeps it simple yet the sequins make it a little more glam than your typical cardigan.

    The second jacket is a cropped metallic black and silver tuxedo style. The patterned brocade material makes any look edgy and ready for a flashy outfit. You can wear it with basic colors or for something a little different, a bright colored top like the one I'm wearing below (Emelie Lace Corset Top from It's a fun trendy piece that makes you feel sharp and stylish all at the same time.

    What bargains did you get from the sale?

     Glamour Girl

    March 08, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Studio Collection

    Perfecting the skin is made easy with M.A.C's Studio Collection. Released for Spring back in January, it consisted of expanding shades for the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation, as well as  four Pro Conceal and Conceal Palettes that contain six Studio Finish Concealers. The top four shades are the regular skin-tone concealers, the bottom two are the corrector shades.

    I only bought three of the four palettes as those were the shades I would mostly use on myself and on clients. The coverage and textures are exactly the same as the ones in the pot: full coverage with a creamy consistency. It's best to set it with some sort of powder (loose, pressed, etc.) to keep it lasting all day. You can use it to hide just about everything; blemishes, tattoos, birthmarks, even use it as a foundation if you're in a bind. NC shades have a yellow undertone so they'll match warm skintones and NW shades have pink undertones so they're more suitable for cool undertones. You can always mix the shades if you have more of a neutral undertone or are in between shades. The correctors can be used to cover dark circles under the eyes, yellow for purple shadows and peach for blue shadows.
    • Light:
      • NC15
      • W10, exclusive to the palette
      • NC20
      • NW20
      • Pale Yellow, exclusive to the palette
      • Pale Pink, exclusive to the palette

    • Medium:
      • NC30
      • NW25
      • NC35
      • NW35
      • Mid-Yellow, exclusive to the palette
      • Mid-Peach, exclusive to the palette

    • Medium Deep:
      • NC40
      • NW40
      • NW42
      • NW43
      • Rich Yellow, exclusive to the palette
      • Burnt Coral

    These kits aren't just for professional Makeup Artists but even for personal use, especially if your skintone changes from season to season. The slim case is compact enough to take anywhere and the clear lid makes it easy to see which palette you need.  If you run out of a shade, you could buy the potted form and refill it, except for the exclusive shades. Fortunately, these palettes are permanent so you could always just get a another palette all together. What do you think of the concealer palette concept? Does it make easier for you to use or more difficult because their so many shades?

     Glamour Girl

    March 03, 2013

    Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Strength Collection and Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

    M.A.C's Strength Collection came out right after Christmas Day for Spring 2013 consisting of soft, neutral colors for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, paired with strong, bright shades for the lips. The eyeshadow shades seemed dupe-able so I skipped out on those but I did pick up a few of the lipsticks and one of the nude blushes.
    • Party Parrot: Matte finish, limited edition; bright medium warm pink-y coral. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
    • Pink Pigeon: Matte finish, limited edition; vivid medium cool fuchsia pink. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
    • Strong Woman: Matte finish, limited edition; deep red-tone purple. Complete opaque coverage and long-lasting wear.
    These shades are great for the Spring/Summer season to add a punch of color to the face. You could also wear them as a stain if you just want a subtle hint of color.
    • Taupe Shape Powder Blush: Satin finish, limited edition; medium grey-brown. It has a soft pearly-sheen to it that wouldn't really work for contouring but could still be used as a nude blush when you don't want a lot of color to your cheeks.

    Released around the same time was Candy Yum Yum Lipstick which became permanent product. Back in March of '12, there was a M.A.C By Request Collection to vote for your favorite popular limited edition Eyeshadows, Lipglasses or Lipsticks. Candy Yum Yum , a neon pink, surprised me for being the winner since it's such a bright color that I would think most people would feel uncomfortable wearing it. The matte long-wearing formula is such a show-stopping color. If you want to deepen it a bit, you could use a lip pencil in a deeper shade, something like M.A.C Magenta or Vino on the edges and outer corners to create more dimension to the lips.

    I used some of these products in my recent video, my M.A.C Bold Brows, Loud Lips S/S Makeup Tutorial, to show how you could use them. What are your thoughts on the Strength Collection? Were you happy with the chosen winner for the permanent product? What would you have voted instead?

     Glamour Girl
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