February 27, 2013

M.A.C Bold Brows, Loud Lips S/S Makeup Tutorial

A Spring/Summer makeup tutorial using products from M.A.C's Strength Collection and Studio Collection! Links to my reviews of the products will be posted once they're up.

February 18, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Sephora Friends & Family 20% Off

This is really late but I'm finally posting what I hauled from 2012's Sephora 20% off Friends & Family sale.
  • OCC Lip Tars: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are widely known for their Lip Tars, which are highly-concentrated lipsticks with the fluid application of a lipgloss. The formula doesn't contain petroleum or silicone and is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It also contains essential oils including hemp and peppermint to sooth and soften the lips.  You only need a tiny amount, maybe half the size of a pea or even smaller, to get full opaque coverage. The velvety smooth texture starts off with a shiny finish then sets to semi-matte. Because it's a long wearing lipstick, it can feel a little drying and accentuate any flakiness on your lips so I would recommend wearing lip balm underneath. The colors I bought:
    • Hush: pale nude-pink
    • Queen: neon red-coral
    • Anime: neon fuchsia
Each Lip Tar comes in individual clear vinyl case with a mini lip brush. I've read from a few reviews that they've experienced the product leaking so the pouch is great to carry it around, but I haven't had the tube explode or cause any mess. The lip brush is very handy as well since the pigmentation is so concentrated and can actually stain anything you put it on, having its own brush keeps the colors from mixing into each other. Even though the colors are super vibrant, they leave sort of leave the lips looking a little flat and sometime chalky, especially with the lighter colors. To help give dimension and depth, I would use lip pencil over it just on the edges and corners, making sure to blend it in so it doesn't look too harsh. 

  • NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner: A 12-hour retractable eyeliner pencil. It doesn't claim to be waterproof or even water resistant but it is supposed to be budge proof and not cake or smear. The product twists up from the bottom and has a a tiny built-in sharpener at the end, making it easier to sharpen on the go. The texture is creamy but not too soft and still dry to the touch which I think helps makes it last. When using it on my top lash line, it lasts all day with no fading or flaking off. On my on waterline and lower lashline however, it does fade throughout the day but nothing lasts on my waterline/bottom lash line except for liquid liners like M.A.C Lquidlasts Liners.
    • Via Veneto: matte rich dark, black
    • Rue Bonaparte: matte pale nude-beige. Good for lining the waterline to brighten and open up the eyes.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: I love ABH's Tinted Brow Gel that I bought the one in Clear as well. It has the same formula: chamomile to sooth and condition the hair while still keeping the hairs in place with the long-wearing gel. I like using clear when I don't want to darken my brows with a tinted gel but just want a polished and clean look. The brush applies the right amount of product without making the brows look or feel too crunchy or stiff and doesn't flake off.
  • Make Up For Ever 110 Alexandra Strip Eyelashes: I've always wanted to try MUFE false lashes as as they have such bold and unique designs. 110 is described as "uneven black lash" and that is somewhat accurate. The base is very full but tapers at the tip so the edges aren't completely blunt straight across. I love dramatic lashes but these actually might be a little too much for me. I haven't worn them yet but would probably save them for a special occasion at night or a Halloween look. It includes a small vial of glue that is nice to have on hand for emergency fixes. The price may be  a little steep but they're made of high quality and if you take care of them to maintain their shape, then you can reuse them at least 10 times.

  • Clarins Eye Contour Gel: I wanted to be more consistent in using eye creams on a daily basis so I did my research for one that would be a nice starter for 20-somethings. This is actually an eye gel that is claiming to minimize dark circles with Ginkgo biloba and puffiness with caffeine. It also has aloe to hydrate and smooth, as well as cornflower and chamomile to refresh the eye area. It has a transparent blue tint of color with a lightweight cooling texture. It's suggested to include it in your morning and evening skincare routine, applying it under your eyes, on the brow-bone and lids. I use my ring finger to dot and pat the product on since it gives the lightest pressure, you want to be gentle because the eye area is thin and delicate, and any tugging on the skin can premature wrinkles and fine lines. I especially like the formula because it absorbs quickly into the skin and can be worn under makeup to help the concealer blend easier without leaving a greasy residue or having the makeup crease. I don't notice any significant change to the appearance or texture around my eyes, but it does feel refreshing on the skin. I think prevention is key to having good skin and that can be helped with a good basic skincare regimen.
  • Living Proof Prime Style Extender: With the same concept as a primer on your face will help your makeup last longer, this is a primer to protect and prolong the wear of your hairstyle. It's supposed to detangle, smooth cuticles while being worn under styling products or by itself. I have normal-to-fine hair where my hair looks flat if I use too many heavy products and live in tropical climate so I'm always looking for the best products to hold my hairstyles, especially for curls. I tried this multiple times in the way they suggested using it and found that it didn't much for my hair. It has a lightweight gel texture that's not greasy or heavy feeling but I make sure not to apply too much at the roots, otherwise it does start to feel too slick. I've curled my hair with it and it didn't really hold my curls any better or longer than without using it. I've even worn it by itself and styled with just a blow dryer and it looked a little smoother, made my hair feel soft and added a nice shine to it. However, my mom has been using it and really likes it. She has thicker, slightly courser short unruly hair though so I think it controls her hair better. Overall, this product isn't bad but it didn't really wow me enough to continue using it. I'd rather use dry shampoo in between washings to prolong my hair style.
  • TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Eau de Parfum Limited Edition Perfume Sample: I don't wear perfume much but this was on sale at my local Sephora with only a couple of them left and I liked the smell so I picked one up. It's a set containing three mini roller-ball perfumes, a great way to try out the scents and to take them on the go. My personal favorites are Tainted Love and La Vie La Mort, Bulletproof was a little too woodsy for my taste.

What did you buy during the sale? Any new favorite products?

 Glamour Girl

February 09, 2013

Chic Shopaholic: Trade Secret, Hair Tools

I had to restock on some hair styling products and so I went to Trade Secret, which is a salon and sells  many professional brands.

First, two KENRA products:
  • Platinum Hot Spray 20: Protecting your hair is essential to prevent your hair from damage. This "protect and finish" spray is formulated to protect your hair from heating tools and UV rays, while offering strong hold. To use, spray each section of hair before using the styling tool (flat iron, curling iron, etc.). You can finish your style with a light mist of the spray to add shine. Keeping a style lasting all day is necessary for me since my hair only holds for a few hours. When I use this spray plus a touch of hairspray, it lasts all day. My hair doesn't feel crunchy and it doesn't leave any flaky residue. This has become one of my must-have prep products for my hair.
  • Perfect Medium Spray 13: Light-medium buildable holding hairspray. Holds the style but is still movable and touchable, and doesn't feel stiff or flake off. I like using this when my hair is down for just a light hold and to give a bit of body and volume.
KENRA has become one of my favorite brands for hair styling products. There are a variety to choose from to find the right one for your needs. The quality is excellent and the prices are affordable.

I've always wanted to dye my hair with bright colors but didn't want the commitment or the damage from the harsh chemicals. I bought Alterna Stylist Temporary Color Mousse Night Highlights at Trade Secret in Haute Pink, which is limited edition for Breast Cancer Awareness. It's mineral-based with no ammonia, peroxide or synthetic color.  You attach the plastic brush, shake can, then press a button to dispense the mousse. To apply, you just brush it through your hair and instantly you get steaks of color. Even though it has a brush to distribute the color, it can still get a little messy if you want to get in between each layers. I wore gloves and had a towel over my shoulders to prevent any skin or clothing from staining. After the wet mousse dries after about 5-10 minutes, you can use hairspray to set it to stop it from flaking. The color comes right out after one wash and the brush is easy to clean after you're done using it.

Haute Pink comes out hot pink and shows up well on my black hair. I took a photo on Instagram when I used it, it was at night with the flash on but you can still see it. I'm sure on blonde or light brown hair it will show up even more. This products comes in "regular" colors, brown, blonde, etc., but the pink is fun to experiment with, especially to punch up your usual,  boring style just for one day on special occasions. It's also an easy way to test out a color to see if it's a flattering shade for you before doing it permanently.

Last but not least, I needed to get more of Goody Sectioning Clips at CVS. "Duck clips" are a must-have for styling hair as it's more of a professional way to work on certain areas while clipping the rest of it out of the way. I mainly use them when I'm curling my hair, rolling up and clipping each section so that it will hold its shape as it cools and help hold the style for much longer. You can also use it to hold hair out of the way, especially if you have bangs, when you're applying your makeup. They're easy to grip to open and close, hold a lot of hair, and doesn't leave a dent on the hair.

What are your favorite styling products and tools? What do you think of temporary hair dyes?

 Glamour Girl
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