December 29, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Jouer Battle of the Coasts 20% Off

Back in August, Jouer had a Battle of the Coast contest where you voted for which Moisturizing Lip Gloss should be the new shade; Malibu, a sheer fuchsia, or Hamptons, a sheer tangerine  They offered 40% off to the winning color, which was Malibu and the one I voted for, as well as offering 20% off just for voting.

Although Malibu is a pretty color, I didn't buy it but took up on the 20% deal, wanting to add to my already growing collection. I love their system of slide or snap compacts, keeping everything in one place at home or being able to customize your own palette for on-the-go ease.

First, a few face products to try:
  • Essential Matte Touch: A mattifier that can be worn  under makeup or by itself to absorb excess oil. It has Willow Bark Extract to purify the skin, antioxidants to calm  the skin and Vitamins C, D and E to firm and moisturize. Using it alone or under your makeup as a primer will help keep the oils coming through. You can also use it to blot shine  instead of using powder, which can sometimes look cake-y on the skin. Even though I have normal-dry skin, living in a humid, tropical environment, I still use it because my skin can get a little shiny throughout the day. To apply, I rub my fingers over it which has a dry, waxy texture and a translucent color, then smooth onto my skin.
  • no. 2 Creme Age Repairing Perfector: A mineral cream foundation that fights and repairs the skin's sign of aging and stress. It contains Dermaxyl Complex, antioxidants,Vitamin E, Arnica Oil and Japanese Tea Extract to revive skin's firmness and tone. It has light-to-medium buildable coverage, with a smooth slippery texture that glides onto the skin easily and feels weightless. It says it's suitable for all skin types but I think people with extreme oily skin may find it a little greasy and may want to use the Essential Matte Touch or some other mattifying primer. I was debating with shades no. 1 and 2 as I thought 1 would be too light. 2 is a touch too dark but I'm able to blend it in and it would probably match better in the Summer. To apply, I either use my Sephora #56 Pro brush but fingers works just fine.
  • no. 1 Porcelain Age-Repairing Concealer: A medium-to-full coverage concealer. It has Dermaxyl Complex like the Perfector, as well as Brazilian botanicals and Vitamn A to reduce the signs of aging and stress. You can use under your eyes or anywhere on the face to cover blemishes, spots and redness. It has a dry-creamy consistency but is easy to blend and doesn't accentuate flakes.

Then, some new colors for the eyes:
  • Powder Eyeshadows: I've become a fan of Jouer's Powder Eyeshadows as they're soft but not flaky, nicely pigmented and blend effortlessly. Their colors are wearable, having matte and pearly shimmer finishes. You can use them with a damp brush to apply as a liner. The shades I bought were:
    • Sugar: white with gold shimmer
    • Meringue: satin light pink-beige
    • Almond: matte medium beige-brown
    • Toffee: pearly shimmer medium golden brown

Finally, a couple of non-palette products:
  • Mink Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner: A shimmery golden taupe, a water-based liquid eyeliner infused with Vitamins A and E. I thought it was unique that they made their liquid  liners in soft shimmery tones. Mink just has enough color to define, while the shimmer softens it  and reflects light to open up the eyes. The consistency and pigmentation has the right balance to deposit color and apply fluidly. Once it dries, it doesn't flake off or fade. With the small narrow brush, you're able to apply the liner thinly close the the lash line and wing it out at the corners.
  • Sarah Hydrating Lipstick: A medium cranberry red. Their lipsticks contain Brazil's Cupuacu Butter to hydrate, nourish and protect the lips. It has medium-full coverage with a semi-matte finish that still makes the lips look healthy and moisturized.

Obviously, I am a fan of Jouer and hope they expand the line with new products and colors. Which Moisturizing Lip Gloss would you have voted for? What are your favorite Jouer products?

Glamour Girl

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