December 27, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Boutique Shopping

Small boutiques can be fun to shop from because you can find unique things that mass-produced malls wouldn't have. I went to Waikiki with my family over Thanksgiving week and found some cute fashion accessories.

Genius Outfitters is an eclectic boho-casual style store, where I found a brown leather wristlet bag. It has gold studs at the front flap and on the strap. There are pockets at the back and in the khaki-colored interior. It's hard to find a nice brown purse, especially in a small wristlet size. Brown is great to soften and warm-up an outfit, the gold detail adding a touch of glam.

Then at Mahina, a Maui based store that recently opened in Oahu and has island inspired fashion, is where I bought two jewelry pieces.

The first one is a small bow ring in a pearly white color with a rhinestone in the middle and a gold band. I really liked the color of the bow and the simplicity of the style, kind of girly and dainty.

The second piece is a bright blue bracelet with lucky charms on it. I mainly wanted it for the wishbone because I love them, but the other charms are: a palm-reading hand, a rhinestoned horseshoe, a blue Egyptian eye and an elephant. The gold charms compliment the blue beading really well and it's a fun piece to layer with other bracelets and watches.

What are your favorite boutiques to shop at and what kind of things do you like to shop for?

Glamour Girl

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