November 16, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Fashion Finds

Along with discovering new beauty products, I've also bought new clothes and accessories.

"Peter Pan" collars are everywhere in fashion and at Forever 21, I bought four  blouses with  them on. The first two are sleeveless in sheer cream and black. Both tops have a beaded neckline in gold and brown tones. They can be worn with a nice blazer over it with dress pants for a  polished evening look or on its own over jeans for a daytime casual look.

The third top is a sheer cream button-up sleeveless, with a sparkly gold sequined Peter Pan collar. The tail on the back is a little longer than the front, which I've also noticed is another trend. Then the last blouse I bought is a beige button-up with black uneven spots. It's actually a crop top but on me, it fits perfectly at my waist. Again, both tops can be worn for a sophisticated night look or a simple day outfit.

Then I had to get this fuchsia pink jacket, also at F21. It has a fabric material with silver zipper detail. It can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit or contrast with blues, orange, or greens for a fun color blocking look.

Two other things I got from F21 were a sweater-dress and a basic shirt. The sweater dress is in a light mint color with small black hearts all over. You can pair with black leggings or jeans for a cute girly outfit.

I've been looking for a plain v-neck shirt in a thin cotton material and after much searching, I finally found one I like. It can be a pain to find basic pieces that you like but are worth it to have in your wardrobe. I've worn this shirt with my bebe leather jacket and jeans for a classic rocker look, but it could also be paired with bright colored pants for more of a subtle color blocking.

A fun accessory I picked up at F21 as well is this knitted taupe hat. It has a bit of sparkle throughout and a flower that you wear to the side. Hats are great to wear in the Fall when it's a little cold out to keep your head warm plus, it's also good for bad hair days.

Sometimes you just want to wear a t-shirt and jeans when doing errands and so I bought this cute red Tokidoki shirt at Nordstrom, which has a metallic silver heart and an X underneath.

I've been in love with Lulu Guinness Lip Clutch and found a knock-off of it at ALDO's called a Red Chevez Bag. There are three ways you can wear it: use the long gold chain as a shoulder bag, attach the strap to wear it as a wristlet, or remove both to carry as a clutch. I love to use as a statement piece to my outfit. I carried the bag on a night out to dinner for my birthday, wearing a sequined strapless dress and studded black leather jacket for a glam-rock look.

Lastly to end my shopping spree, I bought some rings. At Banana Republic, two 5-stacked rings in black-silver and white-silver, and a gold 3-stacked ring with a tiny blue stone on it.

Then at a Japanese store that I've never shopped from before but my sister likes, called Spiral Girl, I bought this spiked set. One is in black and the other rusty silver with dots on the black spikes.

What are your favorite pieces that I've bought? Have you worn any new fashion trends that are going on right now?

Glamour Girl

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