September 22, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Lashes

As you all probably know, I love false lashes. For me, it really completes my eye makeup and with having short lashes, it opens and defines my eyes. Lashes can be reused at least 10 times, or until they fall apart, as long you take off the glue residue and keep them on their tray to maintain their shape. I actually think the more "used" they are, the better they look because it's more natural looking. All of the brands I'm reviewing are inexpensive and can be found at the drugstore. had a 20% off code on their Facebook page so I bought six different pairs of lashes from Eylure. The first two are the Naturalites Intense:
  • 140: short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner with even length at the tips. Adds a lot of length to the lashes.
  • 145:  short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner that taper at the tips. It's similar to M.A.C.'s #3 Lashes but are a little bit more dramatic.
Then I got one of the Naturalites Double Lashes:
  • 205: short and long pieces throughout with a lot of volume at the base. There are two pieces of lashes stacked together which give it more of a dramatic look.

The next three Eylure lashes I bought are a collaboration with pop-star Katy Perry.
  • Oh, Honey!: short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner with even length at the tips. The short-medium style lashes are great day-time wear. 
  • Cool Kitty: similar to Eylure's 145 but shorter and less dramatic.
  • Oh, My!: double layered for a super dramatic and full lash. They're great for a club/party look or even maybe a drag queen look for Halloween. ;)
All Eylure boxes comes with a small tube of adhesive. It has a little spatula which I like because it applies the glue with precision on the band and not all over the lashes. I normally don't use them but they can be useful to just throw in your purse for emergencies.

At CVS, Red Cherry lashes were on sale so I picked up a few to try out.
  • #1 Black: lengthening style lashes with a bit of volume at the base.
  • #15 Black: short-medium volume lashes with tapered tips.
  • #138 Black: lengthening tapered tips with volume at the base. A longer version of #15.

Last but not least, my sister found these new Double Up lashes by Ardell at Nordstrom Rack and picked a couple up for me!

  • 201 Black: short and medium length pieces for voluminous lashes.
  • 205 Black: lengthening  style lashes with slightly tapered tapered tips.

I know these are a lot of lashes but I always have a huge collection of them to use on myself, as well as on clients. It can really change up a look depending on the style of lashes you use. They're especially great to use when your being photographed as your eyes are more opened and stand out. My favorite of the bunch are the double lashes because they give a fuller, glam look and since I'm always layering lashes anyway, it saves times. What are your favorite brands for false lashes? Favorite style?

Glamour Girl

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