September 14, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Giorgio Armani Acqua Collection

Summer just ended but about a month ago I bought a few products from the Giorgio Armani Summer Acqua Collection. It consists their popular Eyes to Kill products - eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara - in limited edition shades.
  • Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows: A cream-powder hybrid formula eyeshadow, these are the high-end versions of the L'Oreal Infallibles that I reviewed. Since they are in the same brand family, it makes sense that the products are very similar, both in quality and even in packaging. My thoughts on them are pretty much the same as well, the only difference that I can tell is the color selection. L'Oreal has basic shades whereas GA has more of a complex variety of colors. From the collection, I bought:
    • 24: shimmery black with gold. Blended together, it's a dark blackened brown with gold flecks.
    • 28: shimmery gold with burgundy. Blended together, it's medium pinky-beige champagne
Depending on what color you're looking for, I think buying these kinds of eyeshadows from either brand are great. If you're looking for unique shades, then I would buy from GA, especially since they are limited edition.

  • Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner: A waterproof, long-wearing pencil eyeliner. I've read great things about these liners and since they only come out for a limited time, I had to snatch them up to give them a try. I love that the colors are super rich in pigment, it takes only a few swipes to get opaque coverage. The texture is also smooth, it just glides on effortlessly on the lash line without any tugging or pulling the skin. There are a couple downsides to these liners though. Firstly, they don't last very long on my eyes even though it's supposed to be water-resistant. It stays put on my top lash line but on my bottom lash line and waterline, it fades and smudges after a few hours. Secondly, I have to sharpen them often because  the texture is so soft. Just after using them for my swatches, they became too dull to draw a define line. The two shades that come in the collection are:
    • 1: matte dark black
    • 2: matte dark coffee brown
If you're looking for a soft, richly pigmented eyeliner then this might be for you but if you're looking for one that is long-lasting, then I would shop elsewhere.

The last Armani product I have to review that isn't in the collection but my grandma gave to me from a GWP she received, is the Smooth Silk Lip Pencil2-Hazelnut is a medium pink-y brown, a nice neutral color that would pair with almost any natural lipstick or gloss for a natural defined lip. The texture is creamy and glides over lips without any feathering on the edges.

Overall, I like the colors in the Acqua Collection. It's Summery but can still be worn through the Autumn season. Any stand out colors for you from this collection?

Glamour Girl

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  1. The intense eyeshadows are definitely a must-have! Great post!


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