September 28, 2012

100th Video/My YouTube Story

In honor of my 100th uploaded video, I decided to make a little video sharing a bit about myself - how
I got into makeup and how why I started making YouTube videos. I hope you enjoy!

My SGI Quarterly article can be read here.

September 24, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Nails

Recently I've been wanting to update my nail polish collection, here's what I got.

I needed to repurchase a nail file because I lost the one I had so at Sephora, I bought Sephora's own Purple Crystal Nail File. My friend Seiko does nails and told me crystal files are best and last longer than emery nail boards. This also comes in a bright hot pink color with a matching case to keep it clean when you're traveling.

Also at Sephora, I picked up a Illamasqua Nail Varnish  which I've read rave reviews about. I bought Collide, a neon pink that's in a satin finish. It has opaque coverage with a smooth application. I'll definitely check out more of  Illamasqua's nail polishes, especially for their fun and vibrant colors.

Then while I was in Waikiki, I stopped by Neo Plaza, a little beauty shop, and bought two polishes. The first one is Yellow Flame by JESSICA Cosmetics, a vibrant neon yellow. I love the color but I found the formula to be a little streaky. The second polish I bought was Strawberry Shortcake by Essie, a medium pearly warm pink. I love Essie for their thinner formula and more softer colors.

Last but not least, at CVS I bought a NYX Nail Polish and three more Essie Nail Polishes. NYX Pink Glitter is transparent with multi-color sparkles and pink stars. You can wear it on its own or layer it over any nail polish color for a funky look.

Then the three Essie colors I bought were:
  • Fijia: pale milky pink
  • Demure Vix: iridescent pinky-mauve
  • Peach Daiquiri: medium pinky-coral

I think the shades I bought cover all seasons from the colorful ones for Spring/Summer to the more subtle shades that can be worn in the Fall/Winter. I love changing up my nails to compliment my makeup and outfits, I think it just completes the whole look.

What are your favorite brands for nail polishes? Favorite colors to wear? Do you like match the shades perfectly to your makeup, i.e. red nails with red lips? Or wear contrasting shades?

Glamour Girl

September 22, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Lashes

As you all probably know, I love false lashes. For me, it really completes my eye makeup and with having short lashes, it opens and defines my eyes. Lashes can be reused at least 10 times, or until they fall apart, as long you take off the glue residue and keep them on their tray to maintain their shape. I actually think the more "used" they are, the better they look because it's more natural looking. All of the brands I'm reviewing are inexpensive and can be found at the drugstore. had a 20% off code on their Facebook page so I bought six different pairs of lashes from Eylure. The first two are the Naturalites Intense:
  • 140: short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner with even length at the tips. Adds a lot of length to the lashes.
  • 145:  short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner that taper at the tips. It's similar to M.A.C.'s #3 Lashes but are a little bit more dramatic.
Then I got one of the Naturalites Double Lashes:
  • 205: short and long pieces throughout with a lot of volume at the base. There are two pieces of lashes stacked together which give it more of a dramatic look.

The next three Eylure lashes I bought are a collaboration with pop-star Katy Perry.
  • Oh, Honey!: short on the inner corner that gradually gets longer on the outer corner with even length at the tips. The short-medium style lashes are great day-time wear. 
  • Cool Kitty: similar to Eylure's 145 but shorter and less dramatic.
  • Oh, My!: double layered for a super dramatic and full lash. They're great for a club/party look or even maybe a drag queen look for Halloween. ;)
All Eylure boxes comes with a small tube of adhesive. It has a little spatula which I like because it applies the glue with precision on the band and not all over the lashes. I normally don't use them but they can be useful to just throw in your purse for emergencies.

At CVS, Red Cherry lashes were on sale so I picked up a few to try out.
  • #1 Black: lengthening style lashes with a bit of volume at the base.
  • #15 Black: short-medium volume lashes with tapered tips.
  • #138 Black: lengthening tapered tips with volume at the base. A longer version of #15.

Last but not least, my sister found these new Double Up lashes by Ardell at Nordstrom Rack and picked a couple up for me!

  • 201 Black: short and medium length pieces for voluminous lashes.
  • 205 Black: lengthening  style lashes with slightly tapered tapered tips.

I know these are a lot of lashes but I always have a huge collection of them to use on myself, as well as on clients. It can really change up a look depending on the style of lashes you use. They're especially great to use when your being photographed as your eyes are more opened and stand out. My favorite of the bunch are the double lashes because they give a fuller, glam look and since I'm always layering lashes anyway, it saves times. What are your favorite brands for false lashes? Favorite style?

Glamour Girl

September 14, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Giorgio Armani Acqua Collection

Summer just ended but about a month ago I bought a few products from the Giorgio Armani Summer Acqua Collection. It consists their popular Eyes to Kill products - eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascara - in limited edition shades.
  • Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows: A cream-powder hybrid formula eyeshadow, these are the high-end versions of the L'Oreal Infallibles that I reviewed. Since they are in the same brand family, it makes sense that the products are very similar, both in quality and even in packaging. My thoughts on them are pretty much the same as well, the only difference that I can tell is the color selection. L'Oreal has basic shades whereas GA has more of a complex variety of colors. From the collection, I bought:
    • 24: shimmery black with gold. Blended together, it's a dark blackened brown with gold flecks.
    • 28: shimmery gold with burgundy. Blended together, it's medium pinky-beige champagne
Depending on what color you're looking for, I think buying these kinds of eyeshadows from either brand are great. If you're looking for unique shades, then I would buy from GA, especially since they are limited edition.

  • Eyes to Kill Waterproof Liner: A waterproof, long-wearing pencil eyeliner. I've read great things about these liners and since they only come out for a limited time, I had to snatch them up to give them a try. I love that the colors are super rich in pigment, it takes only a few swipes to get opaque coverage. The texture is also smooth, it just glides on effortlessly on the lash line without any tugging or pulling the skin. There are a couple downsides to these liners though. Firstly, they don't last very long on my eyes even though it's supposed to be water-resistant. It stays put on my top lash line but on my bottom lash line and waterline, it fades and smudges after a few hours. Secondly, I have to sharpen them often because  the texture is so soft. Just after using them for my swatches, they became too dull to draw a define line. The two shades that come in the collection are:
    • 1: matte dark black
    • 2: matte dark coffee brown
If you're looking for a soft, richly pigmented eyeliner then this might be for you but if you're looking for one that is long-lasting, then I would shop elsewhere.

The last Armani product I have to review that isn't in the collection but my grandma gave to me from a GWP she received, is the Smooth Silk Lip Pencil2-Hazelnut is a medium pink-y brown, a nice neutral color that would pair with almost any natural lipstick or gloss for a natural defined lip. The texture is creamy and glides over lips without any feathering on the edges.

Overall, I like the colors in the Acqua Collection. It's Summery but can still be worn through the Autumn season. Any stand out colors for you from this collection?

Glamour Girl

September 05, 2012

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

Neiman Marcus is having their Beauty Event Week, starting Thursday Sept. 6 - Sunday Sept. 16. During the week, there's a lesson each day focusing on different beauty topics (eyes, lips, foundation, etc.).

Here's a rundown on some of the brand's gifts you receive when you spend the minimum purchase or buy a certain product (some NM may vary depending on what brands they carry at your location. Visit their website to see the full list):

  • ACQUA DI PARMA: Purchase any Acqua di Parma; Colonia: Miniture hatbox w/ EdT, Bath and Shower Gel, Body Cream
  • AGRARIA: $95; Luxury Soap
  • AMOREPACIFIC: $300; Cosmetics bag w/ Treatment Cleansing Foam, Treatment Toner, Contour Lift Extreme Eye Creme, Luminous Effect Brightening Serum, your choice of  Time Response Skin Renewal Creme, or Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme. $500; all the above, plus 5-piece Time Response Skin Renewal gift set. 
  • ANTICA FARMACISTA: $85; Prosecco Room Fragrance
  • BABY QUASAR: $350; Green Quasar travel bag
  • BALENCIAGA: $135; Balenciaga Paris EdP
  • BEAUTY BY CLINICA IVO PITANGUAY: $300; Rebalancing Formula, Neck Lifting Formula, Instant Lifting Cure, Eye Contour Lifting Gel. $500; all of the above plus full-size Rebalancing Formula
  • BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH: $400; Activator for Lift
  • BLISS: $50; Tote w/ Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, Retexturizing Glycolic Lactic Peel,   Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel
  • BOBBI BROWN: $150; Extra Eye Repair Cream, 'Black' Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara, 'Italian Rose' Creamy Lip Color w/ miniature Lip Brush, Pretty Powerful to Go Fall Lip Palette ('Pastel Pink, Pink Mocha, Lily' Lip Glosses, 'Frosted Pink' Shimmer Lip Gloss, 'Pale Mauve, Brownie Pink' Lip Colors, 'Pink Blossom' Creamy Lip Color)
  • BOTTEGA VENETA: $135; Cosmetics pouch w/ mirror
  • CARTIER: $125; Baiser Vole Perfumed Body Cream
  • CHANTECAILLE: $175; Beige/red bag w/ Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleansing, Stress Repair Concentrate, Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream, Tiare EdP vial-on-card
  • CHLOE: $115; Chloe Signature EdP
  • CLARISONIC: $119; Whimsy barrel bag w/ Normal Replacement Brush Head
  • CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE: $300; Gold cosmetics pouch w/ Gentle Cleansing Foam, Wrinkle Correcting Concentrate, Smoothing Base for Lines, La Creme
  • CLINIQUE: $65; Travel case w/ CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream, '02' Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 'Black Honey' Almost Lipstick, 'Cupid' Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher, 'Black' Lash Doubling Mascara
  • DEBORAH LIPPMANN: $50; 'Single Lades' Nail Lacquer
  • DIOR: $150; Nude pouch w/ L'Or de Vie La Creme Riche, 'Kohl Black' Diorshow Black Out Mascara, 'DiorKiss' Dior Addict Lipstick, 'Stylish Move' 5 Coleurs Eyeshadow
  • DOLCE & GABBANA: Purchase any large Light Blue fragrance spray; Light Blue Refreshing Body Cream
  • DONNA KARAN: Purchase any large Donna Karan Woman Fragrance Spray;  Donna Karan Woman Scented Pendant
  • ELIE SAAB: $125; EdT
  • ESTEE LAUDER: $100; Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme
  • FRESH: $100; Cosmetics bag w/ Soy Face Cleanser, Brown Sugar Body Polish, Hesperides Grapefruit EdP
  • GIORGIO ARMANI: $150; Full-size 'Brown' or 'Black' Waterproof Eye Pencil, 'Beige' Luminous Silk Foundation, Regenessence [3.R] High Lift Multi-Firming Rejuvenating Cream, Regenessence [3.R] Eye Rejuvenating Serum,  Regenessence [3.R]  Multi-Firming  Rejuvenating Eye Balm, 'Shimmering Beige' Fluid Sheer, High Precision Retouch #1,  Aqua di Gioa Essenza EdP vial-on-card, Aqua di Gioa EdP vial-on-card
  • GIVENCHY: Purchase any large Eaudemoisselle fragrance spray; NM Exclusive black pouch w/ Eaudemoisselle EdT. P urchase any large Dahlia Noir fragrance spray; Dahlia Noir: EdT and Candle
  • GLAMGLOW: $69; "Little Sexy" Mud Mask
  • GUCCI: Purchase any large Premiere fragrance spray; Compact Mirror
  • GUERLAIN: $250; Orchidee Imperiale: Gold pouch w/ charm and Cream, Longevity Concentrate, and Eye and Lip Cream, Mask
  • HERMES: $125 min. Terre d'Heremes purchase;  Terre d'Heremes EdT. $160 min.  Eau des Merveilles purchase; Eau des Merveilles EdT Travel Spray. $170 min. 24, Faubourg purchase;  24, Faubourg EdT Travel Spray
  • ISSEY MIYAKE: $100 min. LEau d'Issey purchase; Pouch w/  LEau d'Issey Moisturizing Body Lotion.  $100 min. LEau d'Issey Pour Homme or Pour Homme Sport purchase;  LEau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport EdT
  • JEAN PATOU: $190; Joy EdP Purse Spray

September 02, 2012

Japanese Gifts: Snacks, Makeup and Clothes

My friends Seiko and Akiko surprised me with a gift a few months back and I just wanted to do a quick post about it!

First off, some Japanese snacks!

Fruit jello cups in pineapple and peach, so refreshing!

Sour gummies in grape, lemon, lime soda, and  lemon cola.

Lychee jellies.

Pretzel sticks with chocolate and strawberry filling.

I also got some beauty products:

Face sheet masks.

Spring Heart False Eyelashes in #4 Long & Volume.

JILL STUART "JILL Face" Recipe A to Z beauty mook (magazine book in Japanese lingo). The mook has photos of various makeup looks using Jill Stuart products.

The mook also comes with a Vanity Case and Small Pouch in a light pink with floral print design, both great for traveling.

  • KATE My Color Pencil N: Pencils that double as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. The pencils come individually in small twist-ups and you attach them to the connector. It doesn't have a cap on it and can only twist when the connector is attached. The textures are slightly waxy crayon-like and they claim to be long-lasting but when I rub over them with my fingers, it comes off. Colors I got:
    • BR-2: medium taupe brown with silver sparkles
    • PK-3: shimmery medium pink
    • PU-2: medium plum-purple with gold sparkles
    • BU-6: shimmery light blue
  • ParaDo GN-01 Lady Like Eyes N: A powder eyeshadow trio in various green shades. Left is a pale shimmery greenish-gold, middle is a shimmery medium muted golden sage green and the right is satin-shimmer dark brown. The quality is decent with a smooth texture but the pigmentation is rather sheer.

Last but not least, they got me a sleeveless beige dress with brown polka dots and a brown bow belt. I'm not sure where it's from but I think it would be super cute with dark brown leggings and a denim jacket or cream cardigan over it to wear to brunch!

Thank you Seiko and Akiko for the gift!

Glamour Girl
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