August 09, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Heavenly Creatures Collection

M.A.C Heavenly Creature is a huge collection consisting of baked or mineralized products, lipsticks, glosses, brushes and skincare. I don't usually use the mineralized products like the eyeshadows but I do like the Skinfinishes and blushes so I picked a couple of those, plus a lipstick. All of the colored products are packaged in their standard black packaging and are limited edition.
  • Mineralize Skinfinish: These are sheer highlighters baked in a dome-shaped compact. Depending on the color and your skin-tone, it could be used as a blush. I like the glowy finish it gives without it looking too frosty on the cheeks. I either like to use a small duo-fiber stippling brush like M.A.C 188 or a blush brush for more color.
    • Light Year: Swirls of shimmery light peach, light rose-y pink and golden bronze. Blended together, it's a light bronzy peachy-pink.
    • Star Wonder: Swirls of shimmery medium beige, pink and plum. Blended together, it's light  golden pinky-plum.

  • Mineralize Blush: These are similar to the Mineralize Skinfinishes but with more color. The shimmer is also softer, with more of a satin-shimmer finish.
    • Ring of Saturn: Swirls of muted warm red and light peachy-pink. Blended together, it's a coral-red.
    • Stratus: Swirls of dark purple-plum and medium beige-brown. Blended together, it's brownish-plum.

  • Cut a Caper Lipstick: Lustre finish. Light-medium peachy-pink. This was repromoted from a previous collection (can't remember from what) and I can see why they would bring it back. It's a wearable, soft color that just brightens the face a bit and adds a healthy sheen to the lips.

Overall, I think this collection is very wearable. There aren't really any bright or dark colors and the mineral formula makes the look softer. No two mineralized products are the same because depending on how the colors are swirled together, each  one is going to look differently and may even look differently on the skin (one shade might show more in the compact). What are your thoughts on mineral or baked products? Any favorites from this collection?

Glamour Girl

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