July 20, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Summer-Fall Wardrobe

Over the past few weeks, I've been updating my Summer-to-Fall season wardrobe from various stores. Here's what I bought!

Even though I already have a black leather jacket from bebe, it has studs on the shoulders and I wanted a more simple one for everyday wear. I found this one at bebe as well, it's a plain black cropped leather jacket with a zipper on the front and on the cuffs for detail. I love the simplicity of it, it's great to just throw it over any feminine dress or just a t-shirt and jeans.

It can be a challenge to buy pants for me because of my petite height and disability, I don't like anything too long or too tight. Elastic waist-line or tights are the most comfortable and cropped pants are the perfect length for me. Recently I found two cropped "jeggings" (jean leggings) at Ross, one in black with folded cuffs at the ends and back pockets, the other one in dark blue with rhinestone back pockets. Jeggings are a great alternative to jeans because they have the comfort and stretch of leggings but looks like regular denim. They're great to have in anyone's wardrobe as you can go from a casual day outfit or dress it up with a pretty blouse and a nice blazer.

Then at Forever 21, I found three pretty dresses. For my first dress, a red strapless with hearts and polka-dots all over and a brown skinny leather belt. It's button-up at the front with a bit of ruffles at the neckline but not too much to overwhelm the dress. A denim jacket or cream cardigan would finish off the look nicely on a day out for brunch.

The second dress is a black with white polka-dots spaghetti-strapped romper. This is my first romper and I like the light weight fabric
for a Summer BBQ party.

Finally, the third one is a "little black dress". The top is h
eart-shaped strapless sequined bustier with a pleated tulle skirt. It's a fun party or club dress for a night out. I think it would look cool paired with a black leather jacket for a rock star look.

I also picked up this cute mint petal flower ring that has a little cluster of pearls in the center and rhinestones surrounding it. I've been loving the color mint for Summer, it's a fresh pop of color that's on trend this season.

A few months ago T.J.Maxx opened up in town and when I first checked it out, I didn't find anything worth buying. Even though it's supposed to be marked down designer brands, some things were still a little expensive. Anyway, recently I went there again with my mom and sister when they were shopping for wedding gifts and this time I got lucky and found three tops and two dresses.

The first top is black and white stripes in half length sleeves with a skinny red belt. It has a nautical style to it that I think it would be fun wear on a boat.

The second top is a sleeveless blouse that's bright neon pink on the outside and orange on the inside and on the pocket. Bright tops with white pants or jacket are perfect for the Summer.

Lastly, I had to get this top just for the print. It's a sheer black and polka-dotted sleeveless blouse with pink kisses and red hearts on the front. I thought it was a cute, girly top that would pair well with a black or red leather jacket.

Then for the two dresses, I bought another romper, black button-up top with light blue and red print that form tiny hearts all over. I like the "Peter Pan" style collar which is in style this season, it sort of has a Parisian look to it.

The second dress is a black heart-shaped strapless with gold stars all over. It also came in fuchsia with black stars but I thought this was more wearable and I can add colorful accessories to punch it up.

How do you transition your wardrobe from season-to-season? Do you buy completely new outfits or just change up the accessories?

Glamour Girl


  1. Great post -- my favourite pieces are the ring and lipstick print top ;)

    I am putting off my current update but every season I aim to buy about 5 new pieces (mostly replacements at this point) to keep things fresh.

    There are also a couple of ongoing hunts, because I'm so picky -- been searching for THE sheer white silk blouse, cropped brown leather jacket, flat brown boots and navy coat for a few years now, without success :(

    1. I'm looking for a cropped brown leather jacket, too! I've seen pictures on Pinterest but can't find any in store!

  2. really cute clothing haul! i wish i could wear F21 dresses, I'm 5'6 but more slim, so they are too short! :(

  3. i love ur blog u r amazing kisses


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