May 26, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Fashion Sets

M.A.C released a big Summer collection called Fashion Sets that consisted of 7 of the most popular Lipstick shades per region (North America; Asia Pacific; Europe and Africa; Latin America and Middle East). Each lipstick has its own 3-piece set that includes a matching Lipglass and Nail Lacquer in which you can purchase as a set or separately. Depending on where you live, depends on the colors that will be in the collection. Here's what I bought:
  • Lipsticks:
    • Please Me: Matte finish, permanent. Light-medium muted rose-pink. It has opaque pigmentation and a smooth texture but it's best to apply lip balm underneath so that it doesn't dry out your lips.
    • Spice: Satin finish, limited edition. M.A.C created this lipstick inspired by their popular lip pencil in the same name.  The lipstick a medium neutral rose-y brown, with opaque pigmentation and a creamy texture. The lip pencil is slightly warmer than the lipstick but still pairs well together.

  • Lipglass:
    • Spice: Limited edition. This is very similar to the lipstick but a touch browner. It has nice pigmentation, high shine with no shimmer. Lipglasses have a sticky texture which can be uncomfortable to wear but that's what helps keep the the gloss wearing long on the lips. The pencil, lipstick and gloss goes perfectly together.
    • Rebel: Limited edition. Rebel Lipstick is one of my favorites from M.A.C and I had to get the Lipglass version. The shade is very close to the lipstick which is a deep purple-burgundy. Wearing it over the lipstick gives it a richer color with a glossy shine.

Even though I only bought a few products from this collection, I really love the coordinating sets concept. You can wear them all together for a "match-y match-y" lip look, or layer different colors to create your own shade. I also thinks it's interesting as to what's popular in each region, I think each culture effects what colors woman are drawn to. What products did you buy from this collection? Does the shades chosen for each region reflect your style or would you have chosen something differently?

Glamour Girl

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  1. I like this collection but in Europe, we only have 6 combos :(


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