May 03, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Dorothy Perkins Deals

I've been getting a bunch of emails from Dorothy Perkins about special deals going on and so I took up on a couple offers.

First, there was a Fashion Pop Up Event that had everything on sale for up to 30% off. I bought two more wristlet bags that I love so much, one in coral and the other in leopard print. Shades of corals are the hit colors this year and is perfect for Spring/Summer. In real life, the color is much brighter and more of a red coral than on the website. It's still a fun color to accessorize with an all-white outfit or to color-block with contrasting shades like fuchsias or purples.

Leopard-spots is always a classic print to pair with any simple outfit. If you're not comfortable wearing this print so boldly, then you can accent it subtly to an outfit using accessories  such as a bag or a pair of shoes. This bag has a fabric material instead of leather and a brass-gold twist lock.

I also bought a couple of hair accessories. The first one, two Metal Look Snap Ponios in gold and silver. The material is plastic that has a slight bend to it so you can open it but if opened to far, I would worry that it might snap and break. To use, just gather your hair into a pony-tail, tie it with a hair elastic, then cover it with the ponio. It's an easy way to make a simple pony-tail more chic and elegant.

Secondly, I bought a Silver Geometric Link Head Band. Simple but still an interesting design.

The second special offer was the Friends & Family 25% off sale. I don't know how often they have the F&F sale but this was my second one already after ordering back in February-March.

DP carries some higher-end lines and so I bought this Ivory Crepe Cropped Tuxedo jacket by Luxe. I have a black blazer by Topshop that I love but was looking for one in white for Spring/Summer. I like white jackets because it's not as severe as black but still looks sophisticated with any outfit. Even though this was still a little pricey after the discount, I know I can keep this for a long time as it will go with almost any outfit. It's perfect for an evening look but I can still dress it down with jeans.

I also bought a Petite Mink Shimmer Vest (a.k.a a tank-top in the US). This also came in "regular" sizes but I bought it in petite and the length is still long enough to reach the waist. I really love the color because it's a light grey-taupe but with silver shimmer that makes it a little more fun to wear than a plain tank-top. I actually think it goes well with the tuxedo jacket for a casual-sophisticated look.

Although I love the wristlets I've bought, I wanted to check out their other style of bags. I bought a  Gold Side Bar Clutch which is a large envelope style clutch in a metallic pale champagne-gold color. There is a small pocket inside but the bag itself is quite flat and so there isn't much room to put anything in it.

That's everything! Have you taken up on any DP's offers?

Glamour Girl

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