March 01, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Japanese and Korean Beauty Products

Recently I've gotten a bunch of Asian brand beauty products from my friends, my mom and one that I bought myself.

Seiko, Akiko and I swap things that we can't get from where we live, i.e. American snacks for them and Japanese makeup for me. I've been wanting to try more drugstore/inexpensive brand cosmetics and so this is what they got me:
  • KATE BR-2 Wide Edge Eyes: An eyeshadow palette that contains 5 shades that has light diffusing shimmer to "create bigger eyes". I normally don't like palettes that are all shimmery but the shimmers varies and there are darker colors to create depth the eyes. BR-2 is supposed to be in the brown color-family but has some gold-green tones to it which I really like. On the cover, each shadow is labeled for what's used for but you can wear the colors however you want. The quality is smooth, pigmented and easy to blend.
    • Highlight: shimmery pale golden-cream
    • Wide contour pearl: metallic light greenish-gold with gold sparkles
    • Medium: satin medium muted brown
    • Deep: satin dark cool brown
    • Eye base: satin vanilla
  • KATE PK-1 Crystallise Quarts Eyeshadow: A palette containing 4 eyeshadows, one of which has "crystallized pearls" or glittery sparkles, to be layered over the other colors. The "crystallized pearls" is a silvery-white, then the 3 other shades have a gradient from shimmery white, light pink and medium pink. The quality is so-so: pigmentation is more on the sheer side and I don't really care for the glittery eyeshadow.
I really like the KATE Wide Edge Eyes palette and would love to check out the other products in the line.

My friend Hikari went back home to Japan for vacation and when she came back, she got me a little gift! She knows I love false lashes and so she got me from 3 different brands:
  • Fairy Lash Celeb Eye: These are very long and curled with alternating big and small clusters of hair. It comes with 2 pairs, one carried in a cute heart case! They add a lot of length with not much volume but if layer the two pairs together, then it'll thicken them up a bit.
  • BN inc. Mori Girl Straight Type: These are  long and spike-y, similar to M.A.C's #7 Lashes. With one pair they look natural but I like the 2 pairs for extra volume.
  • Bi Joie Black Lash (Ultra Glamorous Eye): These look like it would look dramatic on the eyes but they actually look pretty natural on me. It's a little fuller than the other 2 lashes but aren't as long.

Hikari also got me a few facial sheet masks from Shin-Okubo, a.k.a "Korea town", an area in Shinjuku. Sheet masks are a great way to add extra hydration to the skin. There are so many kinds from Japan and Korea in all price range, each varying in ingredients, i.e hyaluronic acid, whitening properties, etc. The masks are saturated in liquid or gel-like substance which can get a little messy and start to drip all over my hands. To use, I simply unfold it, place it on my face and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. I throw away the mask but leave the serum/essence residue on my face so my skin can absorb it. I try to use these masks at least once a month because I think it helps my normal-dry skin and it's just fun to pamper myself at home.

There's a little store here called THEFACESHOP, that sells Korean skincare and makeup products. I actually haven't been there yet but my mom stopped by to check it out and bought me a couple of things!
  • Blackhead EX Pore Strip: These are blackhead-removal strips for the nose, similar to the ones made by Biore. One has aloe and the other has charcoal in it, I don't what's the difference between the two as both claim it tightens pores to leave your skin feeling smooth. I tried the one with aloe, just dampening my nose with water, leaving the strip on for 10-15 minutes or until it becomes stiff and then peel it off. Although I don't have a big problem with blackheads, I did notice a few on the strip.
  • Clean Face White Acne Solution Concealer: A concealer for blemishes that help treat the area and brighten post acne marks. It has a creamy liquid texture that's easy to blend, medium-to-full coverage and dries to a matte finish. It says it's a shade 01 but this is actually the only shade they make. It works for me but unfortunately it won't work on anyone darker than an NC30 shade as it would just highlight the blemish.

One last Asian product I'm reviewing is the Dolly Wink Volume Mascara I bought. I actually tried this several months ago when a friend of mom's gave it to me as a present. I really liked it and was able to find it at Don Quoite which is a super market but there is an aisle where they sell some Japanese beauty products. It's a waterproof, sweat-proof mascara with a wax formula. It doesn't smudge or flake on me, holds the curl well and doesn't feel too stiff on my lashes. My favorite part of the mascara though is the brush. It has natural bristles and the tip has shorter bristles so it comes to a small point. It makes it easier to get the inner and outer corners, as well as the bottom lashes. I don't notice that much volume, instead it seems to lengthen my lashes a bit. I usually use false lashes 99% of the time but on days I just want to wear mascara, this works well enough that you can see my lashes. The only downside to it is that you can't really apply multiple coats as it will start to clump.

What are your favorite Asian brands for skincare and makeup products?

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  1. These are very pretty!
    Where can you buy these at?

    1. A couple of websites that I've read people buy Asian beauty products from is:



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