January 27, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Daphne Guinness, Tour de Fabulous Collections

Even though I got some nice gifts for Christmas, I bought myself some things from the two M.A.C collections that came the next day - Daphne Guinness and Tour de Fabulous

Daphne Guinness
  • Aurora Pigment: I haven't bought a Pigment in a long time (not including the Crushed Metallic Pigments) but really liked this color. It's a light-medium shimmery taupe pink-beige that can be worn for a day time look or an evening look paired with darker colors. These regular Pigments are more finely milled in texture than the CMPs and don't "ball-up" in the jar like CMPs. They apply like any other loose pigment or pressed eyeshadow and can be used with a damp brush for a more vibrant, frosty finish.
  • Blush Ombre: These blushes were released in a previous collection but I missed out on them so I decided to buy them this time around. They're powder blushes that fade from one color to another. They have a very fine subtle pearl sheen that is barely noticeable on the skin, the finish being pretty much matte. You can swirl your brush to vary how you want the colors to be worn. In the swatches, I swiped each shade on its own and then mixed together to show how it would look blended. They are a bigger size than their regular blushes, same as the Beauty Powders compacts. 
    • Azalea Blossom: Limited edition; sheer light pink faded into a medium plum-purple. Swirled together, it's a light cool mauve-pink. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side and needs to be layered a few times to be able to see it on the skin, even on my light skin-tone.
    • Vintage Grape: Limited edition; medium pink faded into a dark maroon. Swirled together, it's medium plum-burgundy. It has a nice pigmentation that would show up well on tan-medium skin-tones.

Tour de Fabulous
  • Lipglasses: M.A.C released eleven limited edition Lipglass shades, four of which I bought. I honestly couldn't decide on what colors to get as they seem to have covered all shades and all looked beautiful. Lipglasses are known for having a sticky consistency which many people do not favor but I find that it really helps to keep the gloss lasting longer. They also have a high shine finish with great pigmentation. Colors I bought were:
    • Casual AirLimited edition; pale shimmery white-pink.
    • Comfort & Joy: Limited edition; light shimmery mauve pink.
    • Style Packed: Limited edition; vivid creamy fuchsia pink.
    • Tour de Fabulous: Limited edition; light shimmery peach-pink coral.

  • Embrace Me Lip Pencil: Eight Lip Pencils were released in this collection but I was only interested in this one. It's a bright fuchsia pink that matches perfectly with the Style Packed Lipglass or any other bright pink color.
Overall, I thought these collections were okay. No "must-haves" for me but I do like the glosses out of everything I bought. What did you purchase from these collections? Are they "must-haves"?

Glamour Girl

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  1. Great picks, I've not bought from MAC for a while but that Aurora Pigment looks so pretty :)


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