January 29, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Cherryculture.com, Wanderlust + Co.,

I know I posted that this was my last shopping haul and I just posted my M.A.C haul but really, this is my last haul for 2011. I made a small online order having to buy a few things for my sister's birthday and so I bought a few things for myself as well.

Cherryculture had a 25% off sale around Christmas time so I bought a few Fabulous Lashes from NYX which I needed to restock for when I use it on clients. Most people like a natural look so I picked the most "natural looking" lashes:
  • 104 Elite: I thought these were really interesting, sort of two demi-lashes on a full band. There's a little gap in the middle which I don't how it's going to look when worn so I might just cut the lash in half and use them as outer corner lashes.
  • 112 Secret: These are similar to M.A.C's #7 Lashes, where they add length but not much volume.
  • 117 Posh: These have a criss-cross design which gives it the natural look.
  • 132 Vegas Babe: It's very similar to the 117 Posh lashes but seem to be shorter in length.

I first heard about Wanderlust + Co. from Wendy's Look Book blog, a fashion blogger who also does YouTube videos (check out this really cool scarf video!). It's an Australian brand that has an eclectic collection of jewelry and clutches. I bought two bracelets in more delicate styles, the quality being decent for the price.

Here's a picture my sister took of the bracelet I bought her: Stud & Buckle Black Double-Wrap Bracelet, Multi-Stud Gold & Black Wrap Bracelet and Petite Coin Camel Leather Bracelet.

What are favorite "natural looking" lashes? Favorite brand for jewelry?

Glamour Girl

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