January 29, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Cherryculture.com, Wanderlust + Co.,

I know I posted that this was my last shopping haul and I just posted my M.A.C haul but really, this is my last haul for 2011. I made a small online order having to buy a few things for my sister's birthday and so I bought a few things for myself as well.

Cherryculture had a 25% off sale around Christmas time so I bought a few Fabulous Lashes from NYX which I needed to restock for when I use it on clients. Most people like a natural look so I picked the most "natural looking" lashes:
  • 104 Elite: I thought these were really interesting, sort of two demi-lashes on a full band. There's a little gap in the middle which I don't how it's going to look when worn so I might just cut the lash in half and use them as outer corner lashes.
  • 112 Secret: These are similar to M.A.C's #7 Lashes, where they add length but not much volume.
  • 117 Posh: These have a criss-cross design which gives it the natural look.
  • 132 Vegas Babe: It's very similar to the 117 Posh lashes but seem to be shorter in length.

I first heard about Wanderlust + Co. from Wendy's Look Book blog, a fashion blogger who also does YouTube videos (check out this really cool scarf video!). It's an Australian brand that has an eclectic collection of jewelry and clutches. I bought two bracelets in more delicate styles, the quality being decent for the price.

Here's a picture my sister took of the bracelet I bought her: Stud & Buckle Black Double-Wrap Bracelet, Multi-Stud Gold & Black Wrap Bracelet and Petite Coin Camel Leather Bracelet.

What are favorite "natural looking" lashes? Favorite brand for jewelry?

Glamour Girl

January 27, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C Daphne Guinness, Tour de Fabulous Collections

Even though I got some nice gifts for Christmas, I bought myself some things from the two M.A.C collections that came the next day - Daphne Guinness and Tour de Fabulous

Daphne Guinness
  • Aurora Pigment: I haven't bought a Pigment in a long time (not including the Crushed Metallic Pigments) but really liked this color. It's a light-medium shimmery taupe pink-beige that can be worn for a day time look or an evening look paired with darker colors. These regular Pigments are more finely milled in texture than the CMPs and don't "ball-up" in the jar like CMPs. They apply like any other loose pigment or pressed eyeshadow and can be used with a damp brush for a more vibrant, frosty finish.
  • Blush Ombre: These blushes were released in a previous collection but I missed out on them so I decided to buy them this time around. They're powder blushes that fade from one color to another. They have a very fine subtle pearl sheen that is barely noticeable on the skin, the finish being pretty much matte. You can swirl your brush to vary how you want the colors to be worn. In the swatches, I swiped each shade on its own and then mixed together to show how it would look blended. They are a bigger size than their regular blushes, same as the Beauty Powders compacts. 
    • Azalea Blossom: Limited edition; sheer light pink faded into a medium plum-purple. Swirled together, it's a light cool mauve-pink. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side and needs to be layered a few times to be able to see it on the skin, even on my light skin-tone.
    • Vintage Grape: Limited edition; medium pink faded into a dark maroon. Swirled together, it's medium plum-burgundy. It has a nice pigmentation that would show up well on tan-medium skin-tones.

Tour de Fabulous
  • Lipglasses: M.A.C released eleven limited edition Lipglass shades, four of which I bought. I honestly couldn't decide on what colors to get as they seem to have covered all shades and all looked beautiful. Lipglasses are known for having a sticky consistency which many people do not favor but I find that it really helps to keep the gloss lasting longer. They also have a high shine finish with great pigmentation. Colors I bought were:
    • Casual AirLimited edition; pale shimmery white-pink.
    • Comfort & Joy: Limited edition; light shimmery mauve pink.
    • Style Packed: Limited edition; vivid creamy fuchsia pink.
    • Tour de Fabulous: Limited edition; light shimmery peach-pink coral.

  • Embrace Me Lip Pencil: Eight Lip Pencils were released in this collection but I was only interested in this one. It's a bright fuchsia pink that matches perfectly with the Style Packed Lipglass or any other bright pink color.
Overall, I thought these collections were okay. No "must-haves" for me but I do like the glosses out of everything I bought. What did you purchase from these collections? Are they "must-haves"?

Glamour Girl

January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011

For last years Christmas, there wasn't much that I wanted or needed since I got mostly everything on my birthday but I did receive a few nice gifts, so here's what I got:

ABISTE is one of my favorite designers for jewelry, especially for their watches. This was a gift from my mom and so she got me the White Mini Round Watch. It has a white leather strap, gold round-face border and buckle with crystal stones. The face of the watch is also made of mother of pearl so it has a pretty sheen and a slight blue-teal color at different angles. It's a very dainty, feminine watch that makes it a great accessory piece to wear it with simple and clean outfits.
I also wanted to try Rosehip oil and so my mom got me one by Aura Cacia from Wholefoods. Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of rose fruits and has Vitamin A that is known to replenish and restore the skin from premature aging and sun-damage, as well as  reducing hyper pigmentation, redness and scars. It can be used as a daily moisturizer on the face and body to rejuvenate dry skin and on the hair to soften and add shine. It has a yellow tint to it with a kind of corn or cooking oil scent that I don't really like. This is similar to Argan oil to but has a slightly thicker texture. I prefer to use it on my body than on my face, mainly because of the smell.

I recently got an iPhone (feel like the last person to have one!) and so my sister bought me a case for it! She bought it from etsy.com, a black and white Chanel themed. Bling-y but still elegant, very me. ;)

She also bought me a Magnetic Polish from nails inc., a brand that I actually wanted to try. She got me Trafalgar Square, a shade that starts as medium metallic silver and then a dark chrome grey stripe with the magnet effect. At the top of the outer cap, lays the magnet strip which creates the wavy stripe design on the nail. It took a little while to get it right, especially to get the design evenly. I learned that you have to tilt the cap side to side to make sure the design gets printed on the sides. Also, you have to have a steady hand as to not have the magnet touch the nail. I can actually feel the magnet "pulling" something as I hover it over my nails. You do have to work quickly to get the magnet over your nails before it dries, otherwise it doesn't imprint the design. The quality of the polish is nice too; applies smoothly and lasts for a descent amount with no chipping and with a top coat. Overall, it's a cool nail polish that is fun to get a trendy nail design without it being over-the-top. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season with their loved ones and got some fun beauty presents! Let me know what you got in the comments below!

Glamour Girl

January 11, 2012

Urban Decay Naked: Everyday Fluorescent Pink Cheeks & Lips Look

I'm sure many of you have or at least know about Urban Decay's Naked palette, it contains 12 eyeshadows in wearable shades. I bought it and reviewed it a while back and am finally getting around to doing makeup looks with it! I thought I'd start out with something fresh and simple and then progressively get a little more bolder and dramatic!

January 05, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: Forever 21, Nordstrom

At the end of 2011 I did my final shopping haul, buying some fashion things instead of beauty products.

I've been having trouble finding cute tops to where casually during the day and to pair with my jackets but I bought these two at Forever 21. Left, is a chiffon dark navy spaghetti tank-top with gold sparkles and on the right is a chiffon pale pink tank-top with tiny black hearts. Both are sheer but the navy top has a slip underneath that peeks out to make it a little bit more opaque. With the pink top, I would wear a white or nude tank underneath.

I also bought this dark forest green strapless dress with gold sparkles and a thin black vinyl belt. Looks more black in the photo but the green is more visible in real life. It's a pretty evening dinner or party dress. I wore it on Christmas dinner, pairing it with a cropped fur jacket for a more glamorous look.

I really don't need any more outer wear pieces but I saw these at F21 and couldn't pass them up. Jacket on the left is a cropped dark grey tweed with black buttons. I think it gives any outfit a more polished and sophisticated look. 

I have a black leather jacket with silver studs on the shoulders that I love from bebe but I wanted one that was more for casual wear. This one is a dark brown-black with a buckle at the bottom. The leather is softer and has more of "worn in" look to it and it would add a ruggedness to any feminine outfit.

Last but not least, I bought this soft-leather crossbody bag at Nordstrom. I think the color was interesting, sort of a mustard-brown. It has a earthy, country style to it that would look great with a denim jacket and a floral dress.

What did you buy at the end of 2011?

Glamour Girl

January 02, 2012

Chic Shopaholic: TheBalm Black Friday Sale

I've never woken up early to shop on Black Friday but this year I thought I would do a little "cyber monday" haul on TheBalm which  had a 40% sale on their website. Here's what I bought:
  • Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette: Being a fan of TheBalm eyeshadows, I had to pick this up. It's a similar concept to the Urban Decay Naked palette in that it contains 12 eyeshadows in neutral shades. It also has a similar packaging that comes in a long, slim cardboard case with a cardboard slip for extra protection. There are actually two different designs  inside the covers; "Sweet" which has the same design as the cover and "Sassy" which has six nude women strategically covered by the eyeshadows, both containing same eyeshadow shades. The palette includes a dual-ended shadow/liner brush that is usable for touch-ups but not something I would use everyday. I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmery finishes and the colors can easily go from a day to night look. The textures and pigmentation are just as nice as other TheBalm palettes I've bought, although a couple of them took several swipes with my finger to get opaque coverage.  Shades include:
    • Sassy: frosty white
    • Stubborn: shimmery light neutral pink
    • Selfish: frosty medium grey-taupe
    • Sophisticated: shimmery dark brown
    • Sexy: matte dark maroon
    • Serious: matte black
    • Snobby: frosty yellow-gold
    • Stand-offish: frosty pale peachy-champagne
    • Sultry: matte medium golden brown
    • Schitzo: shimmery medium golden bronze
    • Silly: shimmery dark chocolate brown with gold flecks
    • Sleek: matte dark blackened brown
  • Hot Ticket Nail Polish: TheBalm recently came out with nail polishes and since I couldn't find any reviews for it, I thought I'd give them a shot. I'm really glad I did because these are becoming my new favorite polishes. The quality is smooth, long-lasting and rich in color. With just one coat, I got even, nearly full coverage but still like to do two coats. The texture is a little more on the thicker side but it was easy to apply. The brush isn't too big either, fits on my nails perfectly. The shades I got were:
    • Strawberry Fields Forevah: pink-red with shimmer
    • A Fuschia Too Many: creamy vibrant fuchsia
    • Jade n the USA: creamy bright jade
I'm really happy with my TheBalm haul, especially with the Hot Ticket Nail Polishes. I wasn't sure if they would be good but am happily surprised by them and will definitely buy more in the future. What did you buy on Black Friday?

Glamour Girl
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