December 08, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Salon Blanc, M.A.C, Bath & Body Works

Couple weeks ago I went to Salon Blanc to get ready for the holidays. Doesn't look much different but I cut 3 inches off (!) and even though I'm thinking of growing out my bangs again, I got a trim so it would grow out properly.

That same day, I went to Bath & Body Works to pick up some more hand-sanitizers as I ran out. There were a lot of holiday editions so I picked a couple to get into the holiday spirit!

I also stopped by at M.A.C to buy a couple of things since I had some credit left from the Master Class I went to a few weeks ago.
  • Brush Cleanser: This is definitely one of my staples from M.A.C that I often buy a back up of to have on hand for cleaning my brushes. I use it for "spot cleaning" right after I use my brushes. I just pour some on one side of a half sheet of a folded paper towel. I swirl my brush to remove product as much as I can then blot the excess moisture on the dry side of the paper towel and my brushes dry quickly for me to use in about 5 minutes. It's a great product to use to keep my brushes clean between a deep cleaning which I try to do twice a month.
  • NW15 Select Cover-Up: This is my favorite liquid concealer that I've tried thus far from any brand. The consistency isn't too thick or too thin and gives medium, build-able coverage.  I often use them as foundation, applying sparingly where I need it for a natural, semi-matte finish. I use the NW shades for under eye concealing because it has a pink undertone that helps correct the dark circles, and the NC or the NC/NW shades mixed together to match my face. I even sometimes use them as an eyeshadow base if I'm in a rush. The small tube lasts for a long time since very little is needed and it's just a great multi-purpose product.

That's it for my small haul. What is your favorite way to clean your brushes? What's your favorite multi-purpose product?

Glamour Girl

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