October 28, 2011

D.I.Y Beauty: Depotting NARS Products

Recently I have been wanting to depot my makeup and put them into empty palettes. It takes so much time to rummage through my makeup and open all the the little compacts.

NARS is one of the brands I wanted to immediately depot as I really dislike their packaging because it has a rubbery casing that over time, starts to get sticky, attracts dust and powder onto it and I end up not wanting to use it. I even had to cover a couple of them with clear wrap so my fingers wouldn't get sticky.

I used the flat iron method (YouTube for tutorials) to depot and used a Z Palette Large Black Customizable Makeup Palette to store the eyeshadows and a Trish McEvoy Large Planner Page to store the blushes. I haven't de-tubed the one The Multiple I have but I'll probably melt it into a little jar and use a brush to apply it.

I had a few casualties along the way, nixing a few eyeshadows and a small piece of chunk broke from a blush. Overall though, I'm really glad I depotted them. It makes it so much easier to just grab the palette that has the colors I need and to store them all in one place.

Have you depotted any of your makeup? What method do you use and how do you store them?

♥ Glamour Girl


  1. I've only done this with MAC eyeshadows. I actually like the NARS packaging. But it's worked out well, what you've one here.

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