October 14, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Banana Republic, Forever 21, Giorgio Armani, M.A.C

I had some birthday money to spend (thanks grandma!) and thought I'd do a big shopping spree which I haven't done in a while, so here are my recent hauls over the last week.

I don't really find clothes that I like at Banana Republic but somehow I hit the jackpot in finding jewelry. I bought five bracelets that look great by themselves or layered together. The first one is black leather with bronze rhinestones which are held by metal settings. It's sort of a two-in-one design because I can flip the bracelet inside out for a more rocker look.

These next two bracelets are also leather with rhinestones; the first one black leather with amethyst rhinestone, the second brown leather with white rhinestones. I like that these have a bit of sparkle but it's still simple and classic.

Next, is a string wrap-around bracelet with tiny gold beading threaded through. It came in various colors but I liked this one because it had black, light grey and pink threads and sort of had an Indian-design to it. I liked that it has some color but it isn't too loud and the colors blend well together.

Last but not least, is a metal bracelet with tiny circles and rhinestones within each circle. It's simple and delicate, perfect for an evening accessory.

Recently I cleaned out my closet as my family and I are planning to do a garage sale and so of course I had to restock my wardrobe. I bought five dresses, all from Forever 21. The first dress is a pink-brown tiered floral spaghetti strap with a wide knitted belt. It sort of has a country style to it, which I think it would look cute under a denim jacket.

Dress #2 is muted blue with red and pink flower prints on it that ties in a bow in the back. It's a very feminine style dress that could work for a day outfit with a cardigan or a night look with a blazer.

This next dress is cream colored with pink roses and leaves on the the side and embroidery on the neckline. It's much more simple and casual and I can just throw it on when I'm doing errands during the day or just wear it around the house.

These last two dresses are a little more fancier, sort of dinner-party looks. The first one is a black cocktail style with gold polka dots. I think this would look great with the black fur jacket my sister got me for my birthday.

Finally, this one is a bright apricot-coral strapless chiffon dress. It would look like a Summery outfit paired with gold accessories or Winter-y contrast with purple-plum colors.

I also bought two hair accessories at F21, Rose Duo Clips, in cream and dusty pink. I'm getting into accessorizing my hair and I thought these were really pretty to wear on the side above my ears or next to up-do styles like a high bun.

I've been obsessed with Giorgio Armani and I was looking for a different shade for the Rouge d'Armani Lipstick and Gloss d'Armani than what I got for my birthday. I wanted them to have a little more color but something still natural and so this is what the SA suggested for me:
  • #502 Pink Rouge d'Armani Lipstick: medium plum-pink. The formula is just as creamy, with a glossy finish but because this shade has a little more color to it, it actually leaves a subtle stain when it wears off.

  • #600 Plum Gloss d'Armani: shimmery medium cool-tone plum.   The texture is just as smooth and lasts for a decent amount of time when not eating or drinking but is still comfortable to wear. This gloss has enough pigment that I can wear it on its own. It's not a matching gloss to the lipstick but I really like these shades paired together. It just adds a little more color and a subtle shimmer to the lips, plus it's a perfect shade for Fall.

M.A.C recently released the Fall Colour Collection which was originally called Cindy Sherman Collection, as she did the photography for the campaign promotional photos. It was a pretty massive collection but surprisingly I was only interested in two lipsticks:
  • Fusion Pink: Amplified finish; bright pink-y red coral. It's limited edition in this collection but is available to purchase at PRO stores. The texture is creamy and the pigmentation is opaque with a subtle pink sheen to it.

  • Show Orchid: Amplified finish; bright fuchsia pink.  It's limited edition in this collection but is available to purchase at PRO stores. The texture is creamy and the pigmentation is opaque with a subtle pink-purple sheen to it.

Well, that's my haul... Surprisingly I bought more clothes and accessories than makeup! I'm really happy with everything though. Have you updated your wardrobe or bought any new makeup for the Fall season?

Glamour Girl

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