October 18, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Amazon.com, Beauty.com, Ardell, Jouer, Bungee Bands, Sana Uruotaishi Hiaruronsan

I had some drugstore dollars to spend at Beauty.com/Drugstore.com and so I restocked on my staples, plus ordered some other makeup products.
  • Ardell Fashion Lashes: This is one of the most popular drugstore brand lashes and I finally decided to give them a try. 110 are quite sparse, doesn't have much volume or length but would be perfect for people who want the most natural looking false lash. 120 however, is much more dramatic, full volume with an even length all around, nice with dramatic eye makeup.

  • Jouer Blossom Mineral Powder Blush: I picked this up after watching missglamorazzi mentioning it in one of her Favorite videos. It's a matte light peachy-pink that gives the face a subtle hint of color. The texture is powdery but not in a dry, flake-y way and is easy to blend.

  • Jouer Meredith Hydrating Lipstick: A light warm nude pink with no shimmer, just a  subtle shiny finish. The pigmentation is light to medium, sort of like a glossy lipstick. The texture is creamy that glides on smoothly and doesn't make lips feel dry.

  • Jouer Blush Lipgloss: I wanted to get another lipgloss after winning some from the Facebook contest a while back and liking the texture. I was looking for one that had more pigment than just shimmer so I picked up Blush, a creamy baby pink with a very subtle pearl shimmer. It can be worn by itself for a sheer glossy lip but it  looks perfect layered over Meredith Lipstick, adding just a hint of color and shine.

  • Jouer Body Butter: I received a mini Jouer Body Butter gift-with-purchase size when I spent $30 or more on their products. I am always looking for new body moisturizers as I have dry skin. I love body butters because they have a richer texture than regular body lotions and so they really condition and hydrate deep into the skin. Even though this is a body butter, the texture is actually quite light, almost like a whipped lotion but still feels moisturizing. It's scented with a blend of Gardenia, Jasmine and Honeysuckle that is a little strong but not unpleasant.

I needed to purchase a backup battery for my video camera from Amazon.com and  threw Black Bungee Bands by Smoothies in my order. Hair stylists love these as they are reusable versatile hair accessories that can be used on so many hair styles. Comes in a set of three, they are hair elastics with hooks on the ends. You attach one end onto the hair, wrap the elastic around the ponytail, then attach the other end back onto the hair. It keeps the ponytail secure without snagging the hair. It also comes in other colors to match to your hair color as closely as possible.

After my mom gave me the Sana Uruotaishi Hiaruronsan Moisture Lip Balm for my birthday and really liking it, she surprised in buying me the Moisture Gel. It's facial moisturizer that can be applied in the morning, at night, on your hands, even over makeup which I personally wouldn't want to do as I would worry that I would rub off all the products on my face. Like the Lip Balm, it contains hyaluronic acids to keep your skin firm and supple. It has no fragrance, colorant or mineral oil. The texture is light, kind of dense water gel-like, that absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave any sticky residue. The packaging is also really cute, it has sort of an egg-potato shaped container about the size of the palm of my hands.

Have you made any online purchases recently?

Glamour Girl


  1. No purchases yet, but with the holidays coming nearer, it will be inevitable! :)

  2. I love the eye combinations. I never knew some of these brands exist. Keep posting more...I will be looking forward to viewing; although, my complexion is more of a caramel mocha.

    1. Thanks! I've done makeup on darker skin-tones, click on the "Today's Client" posts. :)


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