October 09, 2011

23rd Birthday Gifts

Last month I celebrated my 23rd birthday and got some awesome gifts! Lots of photos so I'll try to be brief!

I've been loving Giorgio Armani products lately and so my mom bought me some things I wanted when we were shopping during the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event. Here's what I got:
  • Jacquard Face Palette: Limited edition for their Fall 2011 Collection, it consists of four shades: shimmery cream, shimmery light golden-brown, sheer shimmery beige and satin finish rose-red. It can be worn as a highlighter if you just mix the three lighter shades or as a subtle blush if you mix in the rose shade. I like mixing all four colors as it gives my skin a pretty glow-y finish with a hint of color.

  • #02 Floral Maestro Eye Shadow Quad: The textures of these eyeshadows are soft, easy to blend but don't have any fall-out when being applied. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side but it gives a soft, pretty, subtle warmth  look that I really like. Shades include: satin finish light rose-y beige, satin finish dark maroon, shimmery off-white and satin finish golden-beige.
  • #103 Beige Rouge d'Armani Lipstick: I've read great things about the lipsticks as the formula is supposed to last for 8-hours. I picked up a neutral pinky-beige shade, a color that I thought would be great for a day time look or at night with dramatic eye makeup. There is no detectable scent, has a slight glossy sheen, feels comfortable on the lips and actually does wear for a long time, even when eating and drinking.

  • #103 Beige Gloss d'Armani: This is a semi-sheer iridescent pinky-peach. The shade numbers correlate to the lipsticks and you don't have to wear them together but I really liked the combination together. The texture is also really nice; subtle minty scent, smooth, gel-like texture that's not sticky but lasts for several hours when not eating or drinking. It has a long doe- foot applicator that applies the gloss smoothly and evenly.

My mom also got me a  few things on my wishlist that I had been wanting from Sephora...
  • Bumble & bumble Thickening Hairspray: This is a multi-purpose spray that can be used for blow-drying, protecting hair from heat, adding volume and lift, and setting hair styles. This is the small 2 fl. oz. bottle which is a nice size to try out the product and to travel with. I like the scent of the spray, it's light and refreshing. This product performs well, too: it gives enough texture to the hair without making it feel hard or crunchy and holds styles  with moderate hold.

  • Hourglass Suede Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo:  The left shade is a shimmery ivory-nude and the right shade is a shimmery light taupe-beige, both complimenting each other well. The textures of these shadows are very nice; velvety smooth that are easy to apply with no fall-out and can be used dry or wet for more intensity. These duos also includes a nice quality dual-ended brush. What's unique about this product though, is the packaging. The lid actually swivels 360˚, which all their compacts seem to be designed that way. I don't think their's any additional benefit with the lid being able to move all around but it is innovative and fun to play with.

  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner: These are two additions to the other Benefit cream shadows I have and reviewed. I love them because they are pigmented, easy to blend and last long on the eyes over an eyeshadow primer. The shades my mom bought me were:
    • Flatter Me: frosty-metallic light mauve-beige
    • Get Figgy: frosty pink-y plum

Lastly, my mom got me a few random miscellaneous things from the convenient store:
  • 24h Browlash EX Grayish Brown Water Strong W Eyebrow: On one end there is a retractable brow pencil to fill in the inner portion of the brow and on the other end, there is liquid pen that has a fine tip applicator to draw hair-like lines to fill in the tail of the brow. The formula is supposed to be smudge-proof, sweat-proof and water proof. The top swatch is of the pencil which is a medium cool brown, and the bottom swatch is of the pen which is a taupe-grey brown. I like these shades for my brows as it's suitable for my black hair and looks very natural.

  • Sana Uruotaishi Hiaruronsan Moisture Lip Balm: This lip balm has hyaluronic acids and Shea butter to seal, plump and penetrate the lips to keep them moisturized. It's packaged in a lipstick-tube packaging with a cute drawing of a doll on the front. I really like this lip balm as it has a smooth texture, with no scent to it at all, makes my lips feel soft without feeling heavy and leaves a subtle sheen which makes my lips look a little healthy.

  • The Seven Year Pen: 100 million pens are discarded everyday worldwide but this pen is eco-friendly, made in Switzerland and will last for a long time. It has a jumbo ink cartridge so it's able to write 1.7 meters a day for seven years. The ink is a dark black and writes smoothly. I know this is kind of a random product to review but I know this pen will last me through all my beauty shopping lists! ;)

My sister Vicki gave me two gifts...the first one being a new camera! A Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS, to be exact. I've been wanting a new camera so I can take clearer photos and more accurate swatches of my beauty products. There are so many settings that I'm still trying to figure it out. Isn't the bright pink color pretty though?!

She also knows I like fur jackets and since they're on trend this season, she bought me a cropped black fur jacket. It's super soft and would be great for the evenings for a glamorous look.

My friends also gave me some awesome presents as well.

My BFF from Japan Seiko and her sister Akiko sent me an eyeshadow palette by ADDICTION Beauty by Ayako. She is Creative Director for the brand and was an International Makeup Artist for NARS. I've been wanting to try this brand even though not much is said about it but from my research, the reviews were positive. My friends picked out the shades themselves, all surprisingly work well together. Each eyeshadow comes in its own individual case which you can customize into a Compact Case (there are two kinds).  The quality of the eyeshadows have a smooth texture, no fall-out when being applied and good color payoff. The shades they bought me were:
  • Horizon 052P: Pearl finish; light lavender with silver-blue sparkles. This has a slightly grittier texture and  sheerer pigmentation.
  • Fudge 017ME: Metallic finish; medium neutral golden brown. A pretty brown and my favorite color of the four.
  • Deep Forest 054P: Pearl finish; shimmery deep green with blue-green shimmer. This has a better texture than Horizon.
  • Shangri-La 028ME: Metallic finish; medium reddish-copper with orange-red flecks. The more you blend it, it becomes more of a warmer copper and I like wearing it in the crease. 

My friends Hikari, Hyang and Sawako say I'm difficult to shop for as I'm kind of picky and would rather buy things myelf but they got me a great gift, all chipping in to get me a beautiful Swarovski New York Blush Bangle and a small heart mirror. The bracelet is totally my style, perfect to accessorize for a night out. The mirror has a magnified reflection on one side and a normal reflection on the other and it's a perfect size to throw in your evening clutch bag.

Last but not least, my friend Sayaka sent me a  necklace and charm by Maki Jewelry. The necklace has a tiny dog on it and the charm has a pink purse with a bow on it and a pink high-heel. Super cute and girly!

That's it for my birthday gifts this year. I just want to finish this long post with a couple pictures from my birthday dinner at Uncle Bo's Restaurant that I had with my friends, my mom and sister. Also, check out Vicki's blog for some bonus photos of my birthday dinner I had with my family!

Stupid picture but it shows my makeup really well! lol...I'm wearing Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, 02 eyeshadow quad, 10 Sheer Blush, 1 Sheer Bronzer and 103 lipstick and gloss.

Glamour Girl

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I love all the stuff that you got and especially am intrigued by the seven year pen!


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