August 23, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: 20% Off was offering Facebook fans 20% off everything once they hit 20,000 "Likes". There were a bunch of things I've been planning to order so I was glad for the discount. Here's what I got.

  • Eyeko Cream: This is one of the most popular products in their line, a 3-in-1 multi-tasking product that can  be used a moisturizer, eye cream and highlighter. It has a creamy texture, is easy to blend and has an opalescent-pink color. Once blended, it leaves a pretty iridescent glow on the skin. Because it has shimmer in it, I wouldn't use it as a daily moisturizer or eye cream but would apply it before or mix it with my foundation or tinted moisturizer for a subtle glow.
  • Eyeko Glow Getter Cheeky Colour: This is one of the three limited edition baked blush duos. The left side is a shimmery light pinky shade and the right side is a shimmery medium rose-y pink shade. You can wear each color separately or mix them together for a custom blend. The blush is a bit powdery but it's easy to blend and is nicely pigmented. Underneath the blush there is a mirror and a small blush brush but the quality was so poor, it was actually shedding before I even used it, that I threw it out. In the swatch photo, I swiped each color separately and then blended together.

  • Eyeko Hot Lips Liptastik: This is also a limited edition product, one of the three lipstick-gloss pens which has a pigmentation of a lipstick with a shiny finish of a gloss. As you can in the photo, that's how much product is in it when you twist up the bottom. Because you can't sharpen it, some might find it difficult to get a defined lip but I use the side of the pencil instead of the tip. The pencil dulls a lot quicker when using the point but I can still get a crisp line when using the sides. It's described as a "fresh fruity fragrance" but I'm not really a fan of it and find it has a bit of a plastic-waxy scent.

  • Milani Baked Powder Blush: I've read great reviews on these products and wanted to try them but Milani is hard to find around here. These blushes are baked on Italian terracotta tiles and have a mixture of shades to create a marbled effect. It has a smooth texture, is very pigmented and easy to blend. You can even use these baked blushes wet by dampening your brush to intensify the colors. Like the Eyeko Cheeky Colours, these have a mirror and a small blush brush underneath the blush. The quality of the brush wasn't so great either in my opinion so I threw them out. The colors I bought were:
    • Luminoso: shimmery light peach-coral with a golden sheen
    • Fantastico Mauve: satin-sheen medium plum-berry

  • LASplash Eyeliner Base Lid Splash: I'm always looking for products to keep my liner staying in place, especially using eyeshadows on the lower lash-line because it tends to smudge easily. I watched a video from Petrilude, where he shared a quick-tip of applying glitter and he recommended LASplash Eyeshadow Sealer. They also make a liner base so I thought I'd give it a try. It first comes out milky-white but then turns clear once dried. I use the thin brush applicator to apply a thin layer of the base, wait for it to become tacky, then use a brush to apply the eyeshadow on top. This product does seem to help keep the liner in place but I find that if you rub it, it flakes off.

  • Amuse 12 Pearl Colors Eyeshadow: This palette was on sale for $2 and I bought it not to use the eyeshadows but to actually make a lip palette out of it. I have so many lipsticks and wanted a better way to store them so I would be sure to use them. Anyway, I thought of this idea of using cheap eyeshadows palettes because the professional empty lip palettes I've seen are quite expensive and too big to carry around for personal use. I bought 7 of these so I can group each palette by color family. I did actually swatch the eyeshadows just to test out the quality and although they have decent pigment, the texture is very powdery and doesn't seem to last long.

Here's a quick photo of a lip palette I made using all M.A.C Lipsticks, in a nude-beige color range.

That's it for all I bought from the sale. I like the blushes I got especially at "drugstore" prices but find the packaging a bit bulky. The Liptastik pencil is nice but because I was put off by the scent, I probably won't buy the other shades. I like that the eyeshadow palette has room to fit a lip brush and has a mirror for easy touch-ups. Did you purchase anything from the sale?

Glamour Girl

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  1. I think I am going to try this with the $1 pallets.
    This is a good ideal since I also have a lot of lipsticks. Thanks!


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