May 30, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Hautelook, Kevyn Aucoin

There are many websites that offer deals or discount on name brands for cosmetics, skincare, clothing, etc. is one of them and I finally placed an order when they were selling Kevyn Aucoin products. Here's what I got.
  • The Making Faces Collection - Vol. 1: This palette contains 3 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 3 lip colors, plus a few applicators, in a little book-like casing. The first "page" contains a step-by-step instructions to create the look like how the model on the left page is wearing. You don't have to only wear it that way though, you can create your own looks using the colors however you want. All products are nicely pigmented and easy to blend. The shades in the palette are:
    • Whisper Eyeshadow: powder eyeshadow, shimmery light pink-champagne
    • Goddess Eyeshadow: powder eyeshadow, shimmery medium chocolate-bronze
    • Aubergine Eyeshadow: powder eyeshadow, matte dark purple-brown
    • Neolita Pure Powder Glow: powder blush, satin watermelon pink-red with a gold sheen
    • Nuelle Creamy Moist Glow: cream blush, dewy finish nude-beige
    • Guilty The Rouge Hommage: sheer shimmery pink-nude
    • Gently The Rouge Hommage: sheer shimmery medium pink
    • Control The Rouge Hommage: sheer dark plum-purple
  • The Essential Eyeshadow Set - Palette #4: This is a palette that contains 5 powder eyeshadows in earthy tones. All have a bit of shimmer in them, some more than others but are not overly glittery or frosty. They are pigmented, easy to blend, and are wearable colors that can be transitioned from a day to night look. The shades aren't labeled but contain:
    • light shimmery golden-peach
    • shimmery pink-white opal
    • satin-shimmer medium brown
    • satin-shimmer deep grey-black
    • shimmery medium olive-green
  • The Mini Brush Set: 6 travel size brushes in a brush roll. I don't have any of the regular Kevyn Aucoin brushes to compare it to this but from reading a couple of reviews online, they've mentioned it's much smaller than the full size and not the same quality. The only thing I can say about it is that it is really small, not just in the handles but the brush heads itself. Also, some of the brushes don't really match to what they're called. For example, the contouring brush (second from the left) seems like it should be an eyeshadow blending brush and the eyebrow brush (first from the right) looks more like a liner brush. Either way, I think the brushes are good quality, made of natural hair, and nice for travel. The brush roll is nice as well, has many slots to fit other travel size brushes and even has little pockets on either side that could fit little makeup sponges or something. Here are the brushes and how I would use them:
    • Mini Powder Brush: finishing powder, powder foundation, bronzer, blush
    • Mini Contour Brush: eyeshadow blender and for all over color, face highlighting
    • Mini Medium Brush: eyeshadow brush (lid, crease, highlighting)
    • Mini Concealer Brush: eyeshadow brush (lid, highlighting)
    • Mini Eyeshadow Brush: liner smudger brush, crease defining brush
    • Mini Eyebrow Brush: liner brush, spot concealing brush, lip brush

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the products, especially since I got them at a discount. If you want to shop for deals on Hautelook, click on the little banner on the right side of my blog (or the link above), I get $10 credit for inviting people. :)

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May 28, 2011

Jill Stuart, Topshop/Rose Eyes, Cheeks & Lips

A makeup look using Jill Stuart and Topshop products that I bought in Japan. I'll have one last makeup tutorial related to my Japan trip coming up soon! 

May 24, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: MAC, Boscia, Bath & Body Works, Origins, Victoria's Secret

Last week I had lunch and did a little shopping with my friend Hyang, whom I did makeup on before. I didn't buy much, but here's what I got!

We first stopped at M.A.C, as we both had B2M empties to exchange. I helped Hyang pick Dazzlelight Eyeshadow, a neutral cream shade with a slight frosty sheen that's great as a highlight color, as her B2M item. As for me, coral shades are "in" for Spring/Summer this year so I B2Med Costa Chic Lipstick and also bought Vegas Volt Lipstick. They look very similar in the tube and even in the photo, but they're quite different. Costa Chic is a light pinky-coral and has a slight frosty sheen. Vegas Volt is a brighter orange-coral with no shimmer or sheen to it, just a creamy finish.

I also picked up Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On the Hunt, a basic black shade. I've read many raves for this liner online, so I thought I'd try it out. It has a felt tip applicator that has enough bend and firmness so it's easy to apply. It comes to a nice point which make it easy to draw a thin line and a flick at the end to create a winged liner. Like the name, it's quite "slick" and a wet formula so it takes a few minutes to completely dry. Although this liner has many positives, it doesn't last too well on me. My eyes are  sensitive and so when it's watery, it chips away the liner a bit at the outer corners. If you don't have that issue, I can see it lasting long on most people and overall it's a nice product.

We then stopped at Sephora and I helped Hyang find a new lip color. I told her about jumbo lip pencils which are like a lipstick, gloss, and pencil in one. She ended up with Sephora's Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in 02 Fancy Red, which I've bought and reviewed here. It's interesting how skin-tones makes a huge difference when wearing the same product because on Hyang, Fancy Red looks like medium berry-red and on me it's a bright true-red (I wore it here)! Looked great on her though!

After watching nurberxo's video raving about Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, I went ahead and bought one myself. It's a peel-off mask that is supposed to pull dirt and oil while gently exfoliating the skin, shrink the pores, and brighten the overall complexion. I tried it out and you need to apply a thick even layer to be able to peel it off in one piece. Whatever residue that's on the skin, you can use a damp wash cloth to clean it off. I didn't see any of the clogged pores like I do using Biore stripes because it's hard to see it on a black mask  but after using the mask, I felt my skin was smoother, especially on my nose, forehead and chin.

Bath & Body Works recently opened at Ala Moana Shopping Center so I wanted to check it out since I've never been there and have heard many people love that store. I went in looking for a body scrub but didn't find any that I liked (recommendations anyone?) so instead I bought 5 hand sanitizers for $5. Gemini is my mom's sign so I picked up one for her. Libra is my sign...hey, you gotta have clean hands when applying makeup!

I also picked up Patricia Wexler M.D. Acne Spot Treatment with Acnostat at Bath & Body Works. It's sort of similar to the ClickR No More Derma Drama Acne Spot Serum that I've reviewed before, in that you can apply it anytime a blemish pops up and even apply under makeup. It comes out white but once applied and dried, it blends in clear. This has 10% benzoyl peroxide so I think it's a little stronger and works faster in treating the acne. Also, because it's in a squeeze tube, I think it's more sanitary than the brush applicator that's on the ClickR pen.

Well that's all I got during our shopping trip! A couple of other random things I wanted to add to this post is that later on during the week, I bought Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion. I needed to get a toner and so I thought I'd try Origins since I liked the other products I've bought from them. This toner is for combination to dry skin and is supposed to rehydrate, repair, and protect the skin from the environment and from aging. So far I like this toner because it doesn't feel drying, instead it seems to moisturize the skin. I use toner after removing any makeup residue is left on my skin after cleansing and even on days that I'm not wearing makeup, to cleanse my skin from the dirt and oil.

Hyang gave me one of her Victoria Secret Flexible Hold Hair Spray that she got during a special deal. It has a scent to it and lasts pretty well on your hair. She also gave me a few photo-taking tips so hopefully pictures on my blog will look better now! Thanks Hyang! ;)

Lastly, here's a cute photo of us eating lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill! :)
Yummy tiramisu! :9

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May 10, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Luxe Nail Salon, Regis Salon, PacSun, bebe

These hauls were done at 3 separate days but I decided to write about it in one post since it's about clothes, accessories, hair products and no makeup! Shocker, I know. :P

A couple weeks ago I got my nails done with my mom, sister and grandma at Luxe Nail Salon. I chose O.P.I Bastille My Heart Nail Color, a deep red- burgundy shade, with some glittery tips.

After getting our nails done we did a little shopping and I stopped by PacSun, buying 2 'Summery' dresses for 20% off.

Sunny Side Strapless Dress
Grey Ruffled Dress

Last week I finally had time to get my hair done, this time it was at Regis Hair Salon in Ala Moana Shopping Center. Didn't change much, just trimmed the length, added more layers, and thinned the top out a bit to give lift and volume. I forgot to take a picture right after I got the cut but here's a photo after I styled it, using mousse and hot rollers to create body and loose curls/waves.

I had a $3 off coupon on any hair product for getting a hair cut so I picked up It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in. My sister uses it and I've heard raves for it on YouTube so I thought I'd try it out. The 10 things that the product claims to do is:
  • Repair dry damaged hair
  • Add shine
  • Smooth and control frizz
  • Seal and protect hair color
  • Flat iron spray and thermal protect
  • Detangle
  • Stop hair breakage
  • Create silkiness
  • Enhance natural body
  • Prevent split ends
After getting my hair done, a bag at Bebe store window caught my eye so I went in and checked it out. It came in other colors but the white stood out to me and I thought it would be great for Summer.
Hendricks Ruched Mini Crossbody bag

There was a 20% discount on everything if you spent $200 so I took a look at the clothes. I've been looking for a leather jacket that is lightweight and isn't too bulky and was happy that I found one that's cropped so it fits me perfectly. It's also studded on the shoulder pads which adds a little detail to the jacket. I'm wearing the jacket and carrying the bag in the hair photo above!
Embellished Motorcycle Jacket
I had to spend a little more to qualify for the discount so I picked up a sparkling cropped tube top to wear under simple t-shirts and tank-tops.
Ruched Metallic Bandeau

I haven't bought any new jewelry in a while so I also stopped by ALDO's and picked up some new rings.

This past weekend was Mother's Day and after we had a family lunch, we went to Pearlridge Shopping Center which is a mall that I don't go often as it's a bit far. The mall had Forever 21 and I had store credit for returning something so I bought 2 Summery tube-dresses (can't you tell I love this kind of style?) and a white denim jacket.
Woven Floral Paisley Dress
Strapless Sweetheart Flower Dress
Cropped Denim Jacket

I've been wanting to try some new hair products so I checked out Trade Secret which is a salon but also has a store front to sell various hair brands. I bought Sebastian Professional Shaper Hairspray which has light brush-able hold, and Joico Body Luxe Design Foam which is a heat-activated mousse to add volume and make the hair appear thicker and fuller.

I know I bought quite a lot of new clothes but recently I did a little Spring cleaning, so I'm happy to fill it with some new pieces. I especially love the jackets as they're practical to layer over anything to change up any outfit.

Have you bought any new outfits for Spring/Summer? What are your favorite hair products?

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May 05, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Sephora B.I and V.I.B 15% Off

Recently Sephora had a 15% off Friends & Family sale on all products for Beauty Insiders (B.I) and Very Important Beauty Insiders (V.I.Bs) members. Here's what I got!

I've been wanting to get some new gel eyeliners as the M.A.C one I have was dried up so I picked from two brands, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink and Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in True Black. I actually have Bobbi Brown's in a few other colors but surprisingly not in black and I picked up Clinique's because I've heard great things about it and wanted to compare it to Bobbi Brown's. Both are a basic matte black but like its name, True Black is a deep black appears to be a little darker than Black Ink. The texture of Bobbi Brown's is like M.A.C Fluidline but still easy to apply. Clinique's isn't actually a gel liner but a cream so the texture is much creamier and glides on more of like a liquid liner. It even comes with a tiny liner brush that I wouldn't necessarily use everyday but maybe for touch-ups or an emergency if I didn't have any other brush. Bobbi Brown's is water-resistant and Clinique's is waterproof, both last for a decent amount of time on me.

I love TheBalm products but have never tried their eyeshadows so I decided to get the Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette. They recently came out with a Vol. 3 but I liked the colors in Vol. 2 a little better. It's limited edition that comes with 9 shimmery eyeshadows that are very pigmented and smooth in texture. A few of the darker colors can double as a liner simply by dampening your liner brush. Some of the colors can be bought individually but some may be exclusive to the palette. Although I wish there were a couple of matte shades, overall I think it's a great deal that you can easily take this from a day to night look. Colors in this palette are:
  • Caught in the Act Courtney: shimmery chocolate brown with good shimmer
  • Feisty Felicia: shimmery blackened-purple with burgundy shimmer
  • Insane Jane: frosty cool-taupe brown
  • Bossy Bobbi: frosty deep blue-teal
  • Makeout Mary: frosty medium golden-olive green
  • Just This Once Jamie: frosty light pink-plum
  • Mischievous Marissa: frosty light peachy-orange brown
  • Tempting Tara: frosty white
  • Devilish Danielle: frosty pale champagne-peach
I'm always looking for products to keep my eyeliner in place, especially on the lower lash-line and waterline as my eyes get watery and wears-off the liner alot quicker. I picked up Illamasqua Sealing Gel which is a clear liquid-gel that comes out of a little dropper and  you can mix it with loose pigments, eyeshadows, and cake liners to intensify colors and help keep the products lasting longer. It doesn't claim to be waterproof but it dries down and it's supposed to last for hours.

Urban Decay recently created a new packaging for their Eyeshadow Primer Potion because there were many complaints of the old one, which was a genie-shaped bottle with a doe-foot wand applicator. The reason why people dislike it is because it's difficult to get all the product out on the sides of the genie-shaped packaging and you would end up wasting alot of product. Some people would go as far as cutting the packaging in half to scoop out the product! With the new packaging though, it's in a easy squeeze tube and so there's no wasted product. The texture and quality is exactly the same, a creamy nude color, and still keeps eyeshadows lasting long and the colors vibrant.

Another primer I bought, this time for the face, was Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer. I've tried the regular face primer but it didn't do much for me. I wanted to try the hydrating primer because it's for all skin types and I thought it would add a bit of moisture to my normal-dry skin. The texture is a very light water-gel and it definitely made my skin feel hydrated. 

The next product I bought and had heard great things about was LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder. There are 3 colors and I bought it in the lightest shade, Luminous, which is a pale cream-champagne. The shimmer isn't overly frosty, actually has more of a pearly sheen. The effect is subtle and has a glowy sheen as opposed to a strong highlight. It comes with a flat sponge which I'm not sure if its used to apply the product, but I keep it in the compact to protect the powder.

Korres had a little sale on their Blushes and so I bought one in 32 Purple Brown. It's a  plum-brown shade that looks matte on the skin but it does have a slight satin-sheen to it. It looks dark in the pan but when worn, the pigmentation is more on the sheer side. On tan-to-dark skin-tones, it could be used as a nude-neutral blush and on lighter skin-tones, it could  be used as a light contour.

After buying the Topshop Lip Sticks, I wanted to buy more jumbo lip pencils like it so  I bought 3 Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils. Some are a little more pigmented than others and some have a bit of glitter-shimmer to them. All have a glossy sheen to them with a slight tackiness texture but it's not uncomfortable to wear. The colors I bought were:
  • 02 Fancy Red: shimmery neutral red
  • 04 Coral Glow: shimmery bright orange-coral
  • 06 Strawberry Delish: bright rose-pink
Did you get anything during Sephora's Friend's & Family sale?

Glamour Girl
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