April 26, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: M.A.C

The $100 fee for the M.AC Ultimate Transformation: Creating Drag Master Class that I went to was redeemable in products, so here is what I bought. Some of it Christopher DelCastillo had used during the class, some of it I needed to re-purchase, and some of it I wanted to try.
  • NC25 Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation: This a full-coverage, matte finish, powder foundation. For my normal-dry skin, wearing powder foundation can look a little cake-y so to take away some of the powdery finish, I like to spray my face with M.A.C Fix +. I also like to apply it with a powder brush instead of the sponge that is included in the compact because it's easier to build up the coverage whereas as the sponge can apply too heavily.
Christopher mentioned that wearing this foundation can cause a white cast in photos because of the flash, so this foundation is best worn in controlled lighting. I first bought this in the NC30 shade because one of the M.A.C SAs said to go a shade darker since it will wash you out in photos. When I tried it at home though, it was way too dark and the shade differences between the powder and my chest was too noticeable to wear. I exchanged for NC25 which was a better match and swatched and took a photo of the NC30 shade before I returned it. I also took a picture of me wearing the NC25 shade and didn't have problems with the white cast. 

  • Cream Colour Base: I have this product in other shades and the reason why I like them is because they are a multi-purpose product that gives a subtle shimmery dewy finish. You can apply over bare skin or over makeup, even over powder and it won't look cake-y because it doesn't dry to a powdery finish. You could use a brush to apply but I actually like to use my fingers as they're really easy to blend and to sheer out. The colors I bought were:
    • Pearl: pale shimmery golden-cream
    • Shell: pale shimmery pink-beige

  • Paint Pot: These are cream eyeshadows that are pigmented, easy to blend, and stay on on the eyes really well so they're great as eyeshadow bases. There are so many shades to choose from so I also like to pair them with matching powder eyeshadows on top to make the colors more vibrant. The colors I bought were:
    • Soft Ochre: matte yellow-beige
    • Painterly: matte pink-beige

  • Eye Brows: These are mechanical, self-sharpening brow pencils with a very thin lead so it's easy to draw hair-like lines for natural looking brows. I bought them in two colors, one lighter and one darker, so can I change up how I want my brows to look. Depending on the overall makeup look, sometimes I want the brows to be darker and stronger but other times the brows can look too overpowering and I want it to be lighter and fade in the background. The two colors I bought were:
    • Stud: dark black-brown
    • Lingering: medium taupe brown

  • Cream O' Spice Cremestick Liner: I have a bunch of these Cremestick Liners and I like them because they're a twist-up so you don't need to sharpen them, creamy, and last long on the lips. This is a medium brown-pink, a good neutral shade to go with many lip colors.
  • 214 Short Shader Brush: I was interested in checking out this brush and was happy Christopher used it in class. It's a short, flat, firm brush that can be used for smudging out liner or packing on color, but Christopher actually used it in the crease which created a more defined eye look.

  • Lash: Christopher layered these lashes together on the model but surprisingly they didn't look that dramatic, just long and gave the eyes a sexy, alluring look.
    • #1: These have a full look and are almost all one length. They're great to layer over longer lashes to give them extra volume and thickness.
    • #2: These are quite long and don't have much volume but create a fluttery look to the eyes.
    • #3: These are probably my favorite M.A.C lashes as I've repurchased them many times. They have enough length and volume to give a little "oomph" to your your lashes but still looks natural. I actually like to layer two pairs of these if I want extra drama to my eyes.

Glamour Girl


  1. A great haul! Love reading about your haul's! What technique did Christopher use with the short shader bresh #214,on the model's crease? Was he patting the shadow on the crease or using it for blending?

  2. @ Galina

    He used the tip of the brush to carve out and define the shape in the crease. :)


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