March 22, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Sephora, Origins, Forever 21

I probably shouldn't be doing another shopping haul since I had just done one a few weeks ago but last weekend my mom, sister and I had spent a little girly bonding time eating lunch and shopping. Surprisingly, I mainly bought skincare and clothing items and just one makeup product.

Sephora recently came out with a couple of new Professionnel Platinum brushes, which I'm a fan of and already own a few from the line. I bought the Foundation Airbrush #56 which is supposed to be a smaller version of the Foundation Airbrush #55 to give you more control. I don't have #55 so I can't compare but so far I like #56 because the bristles are dense enough to build coverage but you can use the tip of the brush to blend and sheer out the product. It's sort of like a traditional flat foundation brush but without the streakyness.

For a few years I've used DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask as a night time acne spot treatment but wanted to try something new, so I checked out a new brand sold at Sephora called ClickR Skin Care. It's a line specifically for "younger skin" (I don't know what ages exactly but I don't see how mature skin wouldn't be able to use it, too) with acne but the ingredients don't have harsh chemicals and it's 100% vegan. I bought the No More Derma Drama Acne Spot Serum, a click-pen that has a clear gel texture to spot-treat pimples. You can apply it under makeup and take it with you to use it whenever a blemish pops up. I've used it a couple times and it seems to work pretty well without drying my skin.

Another skincare line that I was interested in trying was Origins. I hear it mentioned on YouTube often and a friend of mine really likes it and recommends it. Because of my physical disability, it's difficult for me to wash my face over the sink so I like to use milk cleansers in which you can wipe off with a tissue.  For a few years, I've used The Body Shop Cream Cleansers (both the Aloe and Vitamin E) but again, wanted to try something new so I picked up Pure Cream Rinseable Cleanser You Can Also Tissue Off. I like the packaging of this product better as this one is a squeeze tube whereas The Body Shop's is a hard plastic tube. The texture is creamy and feels lighter than The Body Shop's and has kind of a lemony-scent which is refreshing and it doesn't leave any residue on my skin when wipe it off.

The second Origins product I bought was Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion. You can apply this exfoliator on dry skin or if you have sensitive skin, on damp skin. The texture is gritty but also creamy, sort of like oatmeal. My skin doesn't look red or feel irritated after using this product, instead it feels softer. I'm pretty happy with these Origins products and would probably check out other products from them. What are your favorite Origins products?

I probably should do some Spring cleaning after buying so many new clothes recently but here's what I bought at Forever 21....I should also look for other stores to shop for clothes too, huh? What are your favorite clothing stores?

Cream & Navy Stripped Zippered-Hoody Jacket

Pink & Cream Floral Crochet-Back Tank Top

Cream & Dark Grey Embroidered Tank Top

Glamour Girl

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