March 17, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Jouer 'Glisten Up' Spring Collection 2011

Jouer Cosmetics had a little "Spring has Sprung" contest on their Facebook page where they picked a random comment on what their favorites are for Spring and the winner would receive the "Glisten Up" Spring 2011 Collection. Many comments had said their favorite Jouer products but I was honest and said I've never tried their products but I love to wear sheer bright colors on the cheeks and lips. I don't know if saying that I've never tried their products helped but yours truly was the winner! I'm really happy that I've won as I wanted to try Jouer products for a while. I'll go more in-depth on the brand on another post when I place an order but here's a quick post on what I've won.

In the package, one of Jouer's "Makeup Stylist" Whitney, wrote a hand-written note congratulating me on winning the prize which I thought was sweet. She was also kind enough to send me two samples each of the Luminizing Moisture Tint in the shades Golden and Glow which I was very interested in trying. It's a tinted moisturizer that has an SPF of 20 and light-diffusing properties to even out skin tone and blur fine lines. I tried Golden, the lighter shade of the two, and although I really like the texture and finish of the product, the shade was a couple shades too dark for me. I probably will give the lightest shade, which is Pearl, a try next time.
  • Moisturizing Lip Gloss: These glosses have hydrating ingredients and have a smooth non-sticky texture but because they don't have that tacky texture, they don't really wear as long which is fine for me because they feel more comfortable on the lips. They are unscented, a huge plus for me as I'm quite sensitive to heavily fragranced products. I believe most of the pigmentation for all the glosses are on the sheer side, which is nice if you just want a hint of color and shine to lay it over other lip colors, but if you want to wear it on its own they don't show much color, at least not the ones I got.
    • Rose Glisten: sheer shimmery bright pinky-rose
    • Coral Glisten: sheer shimmery bright orange-coral
    • Nude Glisten: sheer shimmery light golden-nude

  • Glisten Brightening Powder: A fine loose powder that adds luminosity to the skin. It's kind of similar to the Suqqu Nuancing Glow Loose Powder but also has its differences. Suqqu's has a pearlescent sheen where as Jouer's has noticeable shimmer but it's not overly glittery. Suqqu's is more of a white-ivory shade where as Jouer's is a pale peach-opal shade. I use a fluffy powder brush and lightly dust it all over my face for an all-over glow or just apply on the cheekbones to highlight.

  • Opal Powder Eyeshadow: This is a satin-shimmer finish, pale peach shade. It can be worn on the lid or as a highlight color for the brow-bone and inner corner. They have a smooth texture that isn't overly powdery and have nice pigmentation that you can apply dry or with a damp brush for more opaqueness.

Overall, I think these Jouer products are really nice and will try more in the future.

Glamour Girl

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