February 23, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: MAC Wonder Woman Collection

MAC recently came out with their much anticipated Wonder Woman Collection, which of course was inspired by the drawing. I've never read the comic book or watched the show so I wasn't so eager waiting for it. I know many were very vocal in the packaging; some hating it, some loving it. Myself, my reasons for buying a product doesn't really reflect on the packaging, unless it's impractical then I wouldn't buy it, but more on the quality of the product itself. That being said, I don't really have any strong opinions on this design. Even though this was a huge collection full of lipsticks, lipgloss, blushes, and pigments, I only picked up 3 things.

I picked up both Blush Duos, as I'm really into blushes at the moment. Mighty Aphrodite has a light shimmery golden-peachy shade on one side and a satin finish red-coral on the other. Amazon Princess has a matte bright pink on one side, and a sheer satin-shimmer plum-burgundy on the other. Even though these are called duos, the proportions are more like a third-to-two thirds. The size of the compact is not like their usual blushes but more of like the Beauty Powders. In the photo, I swatched the colors individually and then at the bottom, I blended the colors together to give you an idea of how it would look, as you could mix the two shades and vary on how you want to wear the colors.

The last product I bought was Reflects Bronze Reflects Glitter, a sparkle-y coppery-bronze. This is a Pro color so I could actually get it any time but since there isn't a Pro Store near me, I like buying Pro products when they come out in collections. The Reflects Glitters are a fun product to use, especially on the eyes or on the lips, as it gives a different effect to the look. It can sometimes be messy to apply and gets all over your face so it's best to apply with a damp brush and over a cream base so the glitter has something to adhere to.

Overall, with so many products in this collection, I'm surprised I only bought 3 things. But then again, lately I haven't been really "wowed" by recent MAC collections...I haven't even really touched my Venomous Villains stuff. O_o Did you buy anything from the Wonder Woman Collection?

Glamour Girl

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  1. I got the Reflects Bronze Reflects Glitter in another pigment collect from Christmas. I haven't tried anything with it yet but soon thinking of something.


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