February 25, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: MAC, Sephora, Forever 21, Aldo

Recently I did a little shopping at the mall and picked up some makeup, clothes, and jewelry.

I first stopped at MAC to check out some eyeshadows that I've been interested in. I've discovered YouTube Channel Vanitymark, Makeup Artist's Brett Freedman cosmetic's line, that does little makeup tutorials on celebrities such as Katharine McPhee and shares beauty tips like how to shape your brows. He mentioned a couple of MAC colors that he seems to use often and that I didn't have (shocker!) and I also picked up some other neutral colors that I've read on makeupalley.com's Makeup Message Board as must-haves. Colors I bought were:
  • Brule: Matte cream-beige; all over base color, lid color, or matte brow bone highlight 
  • Haux: Satin muted rosey-brown; lid color, crease color
  • Quarry: Matte muted plum-brown; lid color, crease color
  • Copperplate: Matte medium grey; lid color, crease color, soft smokey eyes
  • Idol Eyes: Shimmery silvery-violet; lid color on its own or applied wet over a matte eyeshadow for a metallic sheen

I also needed a new sharpener since my Urban Decay Grind House was old and getting dirty. I picked up the dual-ended sharpener, which may be limited edition as it isn't on the website. It has a a small hole for regular slim pencils on one end and a larger hole for thicker pencils on the other pencils. The middle area is where all the shavings go and that's where you open it to dump it out. I tried out the sharpener and for some reason the smaller end doesn't sharpen but the larger side sharpens just fine, it even works on slim pencils. I think I'll just repurchase the UD sharpener next time.

There's also a Master Class called Creating Drag taught by Christopher DelCastillio, coming up in April. I already bought my seat (I know it's way in advance) and I'm really excited for it because it's going to be all about drag makeup! I'll post about it on my Facebook page a couple weeks in advance so you can leave any questions that you want me to ask during the class. :)

There were a bunch of new products that I wanted to check out at Sephora but some of it haven't arrived yet. Fortunately, the new NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils were in and I bought it in Club Mix, a red-tone plum color with iridescent shimmer. The pigmentation varies depending on the shade but this one has sheer-to-medium and has a nice glossy sheen. The texture is slightly sticky but comfortable to wear, sort of like a sticky lip balm. The Beauty Look Book has reviewed the rest of the colors if you want to check them, here.

I'm a huge fan of the show GLEE so when Sephora by O.P.I had a GLEE Collection, I definitely had to check it out. All the colors were pretty but the one that was most unique was Mash-Up (Will Shuester). It has a mix of purple-grey and green sheen to it, sort of a duochrome effect when you look at it at different angles. Tried my best to show the color in the photo but it's better to see it in real life.

For my 100-point Beauty Insider gift, I picked Cover FX Skinprep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-aging Serum. I've heard great things about it and have to say I really like it. It has a light yellow tint to it but as you blend it onto your skin, it doesn't show. It has a nice smooth texture to it and feels silky on my skin but not greasy.

I haven't shopped for clothes in quite a while so I stopped at Forever 21 and bought a couple dresses and a few tops.

Red Knit Dress
Navy Knit Dress
Cream & Dark Grey Lace Top
Mint Beaded Top
Lavender Tunic Top

Last store I stopped at was at ALDO, one of my favorites for accessories. I surprisingly found a ring for my small fingers (I'm about a 5-6). It has black heart on one side and a red heart on the other.

Whew! Haven't done shopping like that in a while...But of course, I still have another haul to share - the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event! I just picked mine up today and have tons of photos to edit but will post it soon. :) Have you done any shopping sprees lately?

Glamour Girl


  1. which video on vanitymark does he show using these colors?

  2. In this video, he uses Quarry and Idol Eyes: http://youtu.be/vNHynjmr9yM



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