January 29, 2011

Chic Shopaholic: Japan Bag, Clothes and Jewelry

Part 2 of my Japan hauls! It's a mix of clothing, accessories and other random stuff. I don't remember where I bought some of it or how much it was, but I'll try give as much information about it as I can. Also, please excuse my mom for being in some of the photos, she was helping me hold up the clothes. :P

Since I live in Hawaii, it wasn't really practical to buy Winter clothes but I was able to find a couple pieces for my wardrobe. Fur was very popular in Japan, in so many different colors and ways to wear it: on jackets, shoes, bags, accessories, you get the idea. I bought this jacket in Shibuya 109 but can't remember the specific store or how much it was but it was on sale and wasn't too pricey. It keeps you warm but isn't overly hot and it has one button at the top.

We went to another popular store called Uniqlo, which is similar to GAP but a lot cheaper. They have lots of leggings, socks, tank tops, and just simple basic clothing. I picked up a polka-dot with black lace trimming camisole that you can wear underneath something or on its own.

The next two items are from a brand called Samantha Vega which is under the brand Samantha Thavasa and seems to be sold in a lot of department stores. I got a cute pale pink bag (that my Grandma thought it was Chanel lol) with a pink leopard scarf attached to it.

I also bought a lipstick key chain which seems to be popular in Japan to hang charms or scarfs on a bags as an accessory.

This doesn't really go with the bag but I found this really cute grey wallet by Lulu Guinness, that has a makeup boutique store front on it! It even has a little mirror attached to it. Definitely a wallet that's my style. ;)

Next is the jewelry. I love the jewelry in Japan because there are so many designs and the sizes run a little smaller so I have an easier time to find something that fits my small fingers.

The first ring is by Abistesold in a a little store at the Keio Plaza Hotel.  I love their designs and have bought a couple watches before. There's actually a store in Hawaii but they don't sell the same designs as the ones in Japan.

I can't remember where I bought these two rings but you can wear them individually, layer all together, or  mix-match them.

This jewelry box is from Afternoon Tea and I bought it on our last day of the trip. It can hold quite a lot, especially bigger pieces in the bottom layer, and there's even a key in the heart-tag so you can lock it.

Now for the random stuff...These are obviously not beauty related, but thought I'd post it anyway. :P

Humidifiers seem to be used a lot in Japan as I found quite a few in various shops. Most humidifiers are big but there were a lot of small ones in different styles and colors. Humidifiers are great in air-conditioned spaces  to help warm up the dry air. It's also good for when you're sick or when your skin is feeling dry.

A handmade keyboard cleaner that I bought from the "old man" in Odakyu Department store lol. You can see all the other things he made in my video.

Dual-ended highlighting pen set (one has a thicker side, the other a point tip), a ball-point pen, and a mini pen.

That's it for my Japan posts! I really miss it there and hope that I can go back soon. :)

Glamour Girl

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