January 23, 2011

Bloggywood: Stylish Blogger Award

Apparently it's award season in the blogging world and The Unknown Beauty Blog was kind to give me a "Stylish Blogger Award"! To be honest, I'm not as dedicated and detailed as some other bloggers and I just do this for fun but the fact that I received some recognition is kind of cool and makes me want to work harder at blogging. Now that I received an award, I'm supposed to:
  • Thank and link the person that gave it to you (thank you Olivia!).
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Give the award to up to 15 bloggers and let them know about it.
I don't really like sharing about myself too much (like to keep my privacy and am pretty boring anyway) but here it goes:
  1. I'm half Chinese, quarter Japanese, and quarter Korean. I don't speak any of those languages but am currently learning Japanese.
  2. Can apply makeup but can't draw.
  3. Love listening to music but can't sing or play any instrument.
  4. Semi-anti Hello Kitty (overrated) but my other favorite Sanrio characters are Chococat, Spotti Dotti, Kuromi and Badtz-Maru.
  5. One of my favorite people to get quotes from is German poet and writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
    "Hold fast by the present. Every situation - nay, every moment - is of infinite worth."
  6. Fascinated with the country India, love watching Bollywood films for their costumes and makeup, and would love to visit there one day.
  7. Can't really stand reality shows but occasionally watch The Matchmaker Millionaire, The Rachael Zoe Project, and RuPaul's Drag Race.
My favorite blogs at the moment:
I hope the 7 random facts about me were kind of interesting and I hope you check out these great blogs! Feel free to let me know some of your favorite blogs in the comments below!

Glamour Girl

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  1. I love RuPaul's drag race! My draw just drops when they start applying makeup, it is so fascinating to watch!


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