December 30, 2010

Japan Food

This is not beauty related but here are photos of some of the food I ate in Japan. Everything is sooo good but towards the end of the trip, I kind of missed American food. :P I can't remember everything I ate but I'll try caption some of it.

"American style" hotel breakfast.
For some strange reason, I love Japan's cornflakes cereal more than the one here.
Hayashi rice
Fruit parfait
Japanese style breakfast at the hotel.
Curry, eggplant, yakiudon
Tiramisu from the "conbini"
Hamburger steak w/ demi glaze sauce & omu rice (omelette rice)
Cheese platter
Food that my best friend's mom made for us!
Free cake w/ gratin
Mont blanc cake
Traditional Japanese "kaisekai" food:

Cute little igloo house for the tuna! lol

Hamburger steak w/ oyster
The ice cream place that my sister took forever to make a decision,
and decided on nothing. -_-
Napolitan pasta
Scallop salad
Pork chop & mashed potatoes
Kiddie meal tonkatsu
Sweet-sour pork
Finally! Sushi on the last day! 
Snacks I bought:
* Almond Pocky
* Cereal (didn't taste the same as the hotel though)
* Tim Tam
* Some chocolate candy
Dark chocolate Kit Kat
* Gum
More snacks:
* Senbei
* Buckwheat cookies
* Dry fish

Glamour Girl

December 27, 2010

Japan 2010!

Finally finished putting together a video of my trip to Japan. More pictures of my trip coming soon!

In case anyone out there needed to know what handicab service we used in Japan, it was:

Kaigo Taxi
Phone #: 011-070-5565-6024
Mr. Sasayama

Also did a separate outtake video for laughs ;):

♥ Glamour Girl

December 20, 2010

Today's Client: Hyang, Holiday Work Party Look

I know I haven't posted in weeks or done a video since I came back from my trip, what with my fractured leg/hip still healing and the holiday seasons, but I am working on it! In the mean time, I thought I'd share the makeup look that I did on my friend Hyang for a party she was attending for work. She didn't really have any particular look in mind but I had given her the Stila Pretty in Paris Travel Palette for Christmas and thought it would go perfectly with her outfit which was a black dress with red accessories.

The palette is limited edition that includes 4 eyeshadows and 1 cream product that you can use on your cheeks and lips. You can read more info and see more photos on the product on Musings of a Muse Blog. I did a soft smokey eye and sheer red cheeks and lips with it, which I think was dramatic enough for an evening look but still work appropriate.

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