November 13, 2010

Update: Back from Nippon!

So it's been a few days since I came back from my trip to Japan, still a little jet lagged but I had a great time. Bought a bunch of makeup of course, but also some Japanese fashion like jewelry and accessories. My family and I stayed for only 9 days at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku but boy was it a busy 9 days. Shopping nearly everyday, eating great food, and hanging out with my best friend Seiko and her family. Got to also experience the different weather change, being as I've never been anywhere in the Winter season. It was fun wearing coats and gloves! I miss Japan already but it's nice coming home to warm sunny Hawaii. ;)

Of course, the trip had to end on a slightly bad note... I got into a little accident with my wheelchair tipping over sideways and ending up fracturing my left leg/hip area. :( Fortunately, it didn't happen during the trip (happened right outside my house!) or it would've been really tough coming back and an un-enjoyable vacation no less.

Anyway, not much else I can do except rest and wait for my bones to heal. In the mean time, I still have to upload all the pictures I took and need to edit the footage I filmed during the trip, so that'll keep me busy. I'm also planning on doing tutorials with some of the makeup I bought as well. Lots of things to look forward to so please be patient with me! :)

Glamour Girl
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