April 14, 2010

M.A.C Master Class: Makeup Essentials

This past Sunday I attended a M.A.C Master Class called Makeup Essentials, taught by Tiffany J. If you haven't been to a Master Class, they are different from the one-on-one classes. The instructors are done by the Senior Artists at M.A.C that do makeup for fashion shows, TV, movies, music videos and more. You need to have a PROCard membership and pay $100 to attend, which is redeemable in products (you can find more information here).

The Makeup Essentials class covered general tips for Makeup Artist who are starting out and shared some techniques to create a cleaner look when working on a client. I've been to many Master Classes at M.A.C and just wanted to share some of the highlights and new tips n' tricks that I learned.

Me and Tiffany! Like my pink hair? ;)

Tiffany talked a lot about skincare and prepping the skin. To know what skin-type you have, don't wash or moisturize your skin at night. Then on the next day if your skin feels tight or itchy, it's dry; if it's shiny and you feel like you need to wash it, it's oily; if it feels dry in certain areas and oily in others, you have normal/combination skin.

She loves Fix + (actually keeps 16 bottles as backup!) as it has aloe vera that can help with redness, also good for guys after they shave and to calm the skin if you get a little sun-burnt. 

When it's about half way empty, she'll mix in the Lightful Active Softening Lotion, which is a water-based lotion. She also talked about primers, saying that you don't always need it but for oily skin, it acts as another barrier for the oil to try and get through the makeup.

For the foundation, two shades of the Studio Finish Concealer was used and mixed with the Essential Oils. Only half a drop is needed, to sheer out the coverage and to moisturize the skin.

Tiffany also talked about oil-free products. Since oil =/= water, if you use water-based products, the product will separate. Hence, why she added the Essential Oil to the concealer.

For the cheeks Joie de Vivre Cremeblend Blush (Limited Edition) was used, on the pillow-y part of the cheeks when you smile, not going past the pupil of the eye.

Studio Stick Foundation was used to contour, applied under the cheekbones stopping at the end of the eye.

Refined Golden Bronzing Powder was applied lightly to wear the sun would hit your face.

Rhapsody in Two Mineralize Blush Duo was used to highlight the cheekbone and the cupid's bow of the lip.

For the eye makeup look, Tiffany did a subtle dramatic smokey eye.When using Pigments or other loose eye products, swirl your brush inside the cap then shake off the excess so the product is in the hairs but you won't get any fall-out.

For the brows, two products were used. First, a Brow Pencil in Stud was drawn on the hairs, not on skin, in the direction of the hair growth to define the brow. Then, an eyeshadow in Coquette was used to fill in the nude spots.

The lips were kept really light and neutral since there was a lot going on for the eyes and the cheeks had a sheer, bright color. And that was it for the look. Below are pictures of the model and all the products used.

Tiffany gave a simple explanation about brushes, using baking as a metaphor. When you're icing a cake, you use a spatula, or a flat tool. When you want to glaze a chiffon, you use a brush. Therefore, flat brushes: layers more coverage; fluffy brushes: blend. So depending on what effect you want, depends on the tool you'll use.

She also shared some of the trends that she saw on the runways this year:

  • Lighter, softer brows
  • Watermelon shades
  • Matte lipsticks coming back

Products Used:
  • Skincare:
    • Fix +
    • Lightful Active Softening Lotion
    • Studio Moisture Fix
    • Moisturelush Eye Cream
    • Lip Conditioner
    • Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50
  • Face:
    • Studio Concealer SPF 35 (2 colors)
    • Care Blends Essential Oils (mixed in with Studio Concealer)
    • Joie de Vivre Cremeblend Blush
    • Refined Golden Bronzing
    • Studio Stick SPF 15 (dark color to contour)
    • Rhapsody in Two Mineralize Blush Duo (cheek & lip cupid's bow highlight)
    • Blot Powder
  • Eyes:
    • Vanilla Eyeshadow (highlight
    • Coffee Eye Pencil (lid base & liner)
    • Blue Brown Pigment (lid)
    • Brown Script Eyeshadow (crease)
    • Blacktrack Fluidline
    • Zoomblack Zoomlash 
    • #3 Lashes
    • Stud Brow Pencil
    • Coquette Eyeshadow (brows)
  • Lips:
    • Naked Liner Lip Pencil
    • Myth Lipstick
    • Spirited Lipglass

Whew, that's it for the notes! I bought a couple of skincare items, the Studio Moisture Fix and Microfine Refinisher and overall, the class was great. Refreshed some of the makeup basics but also learned a few new things. Definitely attend a M.A.C Master Class when they come to your city. :)

Glamour Girl

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